Thursday, May 31, 2012



-Rapid (Am) cannot promote!

Parndorf vs Austria(Am)

this will be fight for 3rd place!
Pardorf without: Petermann(gk 17/0),Jusits(mf 25/7),brothers M.Salomon(df 1/0),J.Salomon(mf 6/0),Fabian(att/mf 22/2)
Austria(Am) without:Luxbaher(mf 9/2)

Rapid(Am) vs Scwechat

like i said Rapid cannot promote!
Rapid(Am) without: Dobras(mf 28/6),Wydra(mf 23/5),Bajrami(mf 26/4)
Schwechat without: McCormick(att 21/3)

FAC vs Wiener 

FAC without:Moser(gk 5/0),Tosun(df 18/0),Bichelhuber(mf 16/6)
Wiener without:Dimov(df 27/1 regular player),Szabo(df 26/6 key defender),Hevera(df 27/1 regular player) and Gunes(att 27/15 key player/best player)

Wiener miss many 4 regular players(2 of them key players) FAC is more quality team and I think this will be home win,but no bet for me here because FAC miss Tosun and Buchelhuber
dnb 1 is best option

Germany vs Israel

probables formations
Israel:Harush;Spungin,Ben Haim,Gershon,Scheimann;Natkho,Zahavi,Melikson,Benayoun;Rafaelov,Shechter

Greece vs Armenia

match will be played in Kufstein

Greece first 11: Tzorvas;Tzavellas,Sokratis,Holebas,Papadopoulos;Karagounis,Fotakis,Maniatis;Fotakis,Salpingidis,Samaras;Gekas
Armenia first 11: Berezovskij;Hovsepjan,Mkojan,Hajrapetjan,Aleksanjan;Jedigrjan,Mkhitarjan,Ozbiliz,Pizzeli,Ghazarjan' Movisisjan

Hildesheim vs Kiel

(short preview)

Kiel won everything this season!
German Cup-WON
German League-WON
German SuperCup-WON
CL Europe- WON

they only need to finish this season with 34wins in 34 matches! 
(yes they will not forced Anderson and Jicha,but they are still big favourite here)
Hildesheim is worst team in league,today they miss Jans!

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