Friday, December 20, 2013

21th december free pick

England Isthmian Premier
Lowestoft - Dulwich Hamlet
pick: Dulwich Hamlet (away win) @2.30 (bet365)
quality on away side.
Lowestoft is average team from middle of table. In last 3 matches they played vs much weaker teams but they get only 2 points (2d-1l). they played just 2-2 vs Thamesmead(21th palce) and lost 0-3 vs Hampton (16th place) ... very bad performances lately but reason for that are absences in team ... situation now is very very bad. coach said that they have only 9 senior players!
injury crisis in squad

Dulwich Hamlet is one of candidates for promotion , they are 4th on table with 44 points (just 3 points behind 1st placed Hornchurch) , Dulwich have 2 matches less so if they win those 2 matches they will be 1st on table!!

first match Dulwich 2-0 Lowestoft
now Lowestoft without almost all first team players, fair odds here should be 1.75 , so this is big value.

safer option is DNB 2 @1.78 in betvictor

Spain Segunda
Lugo - Hercules

lugo without Seaoane(mf 18/2) and Rennella(att 12/6 top scorer).
Hercules without Gomez(df 10/0),Font(mf 5/0),Azkorra(att 6/1),Lucas(att 9/1),Dioni(att 11/1) and Hadzic(att 16/5 one of top scorers)

Tenerife - Sabadell

Tenerife is full
Sabadell without Goni(df 0/0),Ruiz(df 0/0),Ruper(df 3/0),Espasandin(df 3/0,Hernandez(df 18/1),Moha(mf 1/0)

Barcelona B - Gijon

barca without Campins,Juste,Grimaldo,Ie,Dongou(att 11/1),Ramirez(att 13/2) and Masip(first kg 15/0). Gijon without Mandi(mf 13/1) and Bustos(mf 8/0)

England Championship
Birmingham - Notthingham
Birmingham without Hancox(df 6/0),Murphy(df 6/2),Eardley(df 5/0),Green(att 10/1),asante(att 0/0),Spector(mf 8/0) and Novak(att 16/2).
Nott miss Collins(df 5/0),Wilson(df 7/0),COhen(mf 16/1) adn Blackstock(att 1/0)

Brighton - Huddersfield

good news for brighton, strikers are recovering from injuries!
Huddersfield without Clarke(df 15/0),Lynch(df 20/1) and Vaughan(att 16/10 top scorer)

Burnley - Blackpool
burnley is full.
blackpool with some missings, out are; Orr(df 4/0),MacKenzie(df 17/1),Osobourne(mf 14/1),Martinez(mf 14/0),Fuller(att 15/4). Cathcart(df 8/0) is doubtful

Germany Bundesliga 2
Frankfurt - 1860 Munchen
Frankfurt without Schlicke(df 18/0),Heubach(df 0/0),Pagenburg(att 4/0),Nefiz(mf 0/0).
Munchen without Bierofka(mf 1/0),Stahl(mf 13/4) and Friend(att 10/1)

Union Berlin - Biefeld

U.Berlin without Schonheim(df 16/0),Stuff(df 6/0),Jopek(mf 0/0),Razeek(att 0/0),Terodde(att 16/4).. good news for team is that Brandy(att 17/5),Parensen(mf 16/0),Kiglmann(df 16/0) and Ozbek(mf 11/0) are back in squad
Biefeld without Stifler(Df 3/0),Riemer(df 0/0),Heitolter(mf 0/0),Petersch(mf 2/0),Fieser(mf 3/0),Muller(mf 15/1) and Mainka(mf 1/0)

Germany 3 Liga
Heidenheim - Duisburg
Heidenhem without Beermann(df 0/0),Feistle(df 1/0),Rivero(mf 11/2),Sauter(mf 4/0) and Thurk(att 12/1).
Duisburg without Lenz(gk 4/0),Wissing(df 0/0) and Gardawski(mf 17/1).

Erfurt - Stuttgarter Kickers

Erfurt without Mohwald(mf 16/1),Mockel(df 5/0) and BRandstetter(att 9/4).
Stuttgarter without Jatta(att 2/0),Alvarez(att 16/4),Grischok(att 4/0),Rouani(att 0/0),Engelbrecht(att 2/0),Akin(mf 5/0),SavranlioglU(mf 4/0) and Maletic(Df 2/0)

Wehen - Saarbrucken

Wehen without Gsche(df 2/0),Doringer(df 0/0),Mann(mf 12/2) and Book(mf 18/1).
Saarbrucken without Falkenberg(df 19/0),Glockner(mf 2/0),Maek(mf 9/1),Hayer(att 0/0) and Rathgeber(att 16/4).Ziemer(att 9/4) is doubtfull


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