Friday, June 29, 2012

friday strong infos!

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visitors this is all for today Brazil Serie B and USA MLS posted (dont have time for Lithuania)



22w - 15L - 1v
+34,38 units !!!
(1unit = 10 euros)
profit 340,38 euros

average stake per bet: 5
with small stakes to big profit 

1 month - 30 euros
1 week - 10 euros
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» Serie B »
America RN - Guarani 1
America RN is FULL,only doutbful are:Noberto(df 5/0) and Lucio(att 7/3)
Guarani miss 7 regular players,out are: Clebinho,Bruno Peres,Fumagalli,Neto,Oziel,Fabricio and Monterio

FT 1-0

ASA out:
Borges(df 1/0) and Alexsandro(att 5/0)
ABC out:Andrey(regular gk 7/0),Pereira(df 0/0),Silva(df 3/0),Basilio(mf 0/0) and Bombinha(att 3/2)

Frendly matches
Mattersburg - Gyor 2 dnb @2.15

this will be intersting match!
Schartner(gk 5/0),Parlov(mf 25/0),Ilsanker(df 24/0),Waltner(att 9/0) and Salomon left Mattersburg! but they sign 3 players ,one of them is defender Lovin who will replace Ilsanker next season!

Gyor was 3rd last season,they should play in Europe next year but they wont because they didnt get licence,players were litle demotivated but club's administration promise that next year they will again fight for top 3 positions, also they sign 10 new players! 

Kopenhagen FC - Lyngby

Kopenhagen finish on 2nd place last season,they have problem with coach's position now they have new coach that is Ariel Jacobs(ex Anderlecht coach). Kopenhagen still didnt sign any new player! Nordstrand(att 19/3) and Zanka(df 12/0) left Kopenhagen ,also there are speculations that N'Doye(att 30/18) will left team ...

Lyngby from next season will play in 2nd division! club left Szatmatri(gk 1/0),Traore(df 11/0),Muskgaard(mf 3/0),Fetai(att 29/3) and Madsen(att 14/0)
Lyngby play 1 frendly game before four days with Hacken and they won 4-3 ,in that game Lyngby's coach give chance to all players!

»Victorian Premier League »
Oakleigh Cannons - Heidelberg Utd  h1 -1ah @2.06 (188bet)

only on quality diference,Oakleigh is fighitng for title ,while Heidelber is worst team in league!
expect easy home win!

FT 3-2 
Norway »  Eliteserien »
Sogndal - Fredrikstad 1dnb
Sogndal out:
Roed(df 0/0),Roes(df 1/0),Rudolfsen(att 0/0)

Fredrikstad is in big financial problems,they won only 9 points in 12 matches! (15th on table,second worst team)
Fredrikstad on away ground 0w-2d-4L ,worst away team
+ today Fredrikstad miss 4 regular players,out are:
Dure(df 6/1),Holm(mf 4/1),Valencia(mf 8/2 second scorer),Hussain(mf 9/2 second scorer)

I would play HW (1) but Sogndal is in bad form ...

Sweden » Superettan »

Assyriska - Brommpojkarna
Assyriska without:Konwea(df 0/0),Batan(Df 13/0),De Souza(mf 0/0),Santana(mf 3/0)
Bromm wihtout:Segerstrom(df 13/1),Soderstrom(mf 1/1),Tronet(mf 0/0),Nyang(att 5/0). doutbful are Petrovic(Mf 9/0) and Albornoz(mf 13/3)

Ireland » Premier League »
Bohemians - Shamrock
Bohemians without:Sculy(mf 8/0),Dixon(mf 0/0). Heary(df 10/0) is doutbful
Shamrock without:Gannon(df 5/0),Kilduff(att 0/0)

Bray - Cork
Bray without:Sweeney(att 12/0) doutbful!
Cork without:Mulchaly(df 0/0),Connor(mf 5/0). Murray(df 10/0) doutbful

St Patricks - Shelbourne
quality on home side
St Patricks without: Rossiter(df 5/0)
Shelbourne without:Murphy(mf 14/0)

Dundalk - Sligo
Dundalk wihtout:Hanley(gk 1/0),McLaughlin(df 9/0),McKenna(att 5/0)
Sligo without:McGuinness(df 11/2),Keane(df 9/0)

Derry - Drogheda X2
Derry miss many players!!! out are:Greacen(df 6/1),McBride(df 12/1),McEleney(df 10/0),Moloy(mf 11/0),Deery(mf 4/0),Farren(att 10/1).MOrrison(df 10/0) is doutbful

FT 0-3

Ireland » First Division »
Mervue - Longford

Mervue without: McSweneey(df 8/0),Farel(df 7/0)
Longford is FULL

Wexford - Waterford
Wexford miss Phelan(df 9/0)
Waterford is FULL,only Kiely(att 5/2) and Dunphy(mf 8/1) are doutbful

Limerick - Fin Harps
Limerick out:Gamble(mf 11/2),Collins(mf 2/1)
Fin Haprs out:Carlin(mf 7/0),Curtis(att 11/2),Dennel(att 2/0)

Athlone - SD Galway
Athlone out:Gaynor(gk 0/0),broughal(df 11/1),Danaher(df 6/0),Walsche(mf 10/0),Conroy(mf 4/0),Relihan(mf 4/2)
Galway out:Horgan(df 5/0),Gafney(mf 6/1),Gilmore(att 5/0)

China » CLS »
Shangai - Liaoning

Liaoning players have not received their half of last years's payment, Deputy General Manager left. Their keyman Yu(mf 7/1) and regular Yang(df 12/0) both suspended
Liaoning will have long trip,they have to travel around 1800km

(later USA » MLS  ,  Lithuania » A Lyga  , Brazil » Serie B )


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