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today bet

STRONG INSIDER IS POSTED (one team miss around 10 players!!) high stakes check the link ;)

»MLS »
Montreal - Torontolocal derby,biggest rivals!
Montreal out:
Ferrari(df 14/0),Wenger(df 11/3),Rivas(df 7/0),Mapp(mf 13/2),James(att 0/0) and Corradi(att 11/4 top scorer) ... yes their top scorer and some other key players like Rivas,Mapp,Ferrari and Rivas are out but they sign one very quality striker that is Marco Di Vaio and he will replace Corradi tonight,quality is still on home side
Toronto worst team in league they won only 5 points in 13 matches ,on away ground 0w-1d-5L ... very very bad!
tonight they will miss
regular keeper Frei,Harden(df 4/0) and Cann(mf 6/0)

»Svenska Cupen »
Husqvarna - Sleipner
Slepiner is worst team in Sweden Division 1 Sodra,they are last on table with only 6 points in 11 matches! on away ground they are very bad 0w-3d-2l (still without a win), also have 3 lost games in a row (6 games without a win)

still dont have info, here is what wrote on website Will it be the strongest possible team, or for some young people the chance?CLICK TO SEE
Slepiner:Robin Ahlberg (mv), Vinicius Gil de Souza Camago, Calle Appelquist, Jasmin Feratovic, Peter Skoog, Mischell Miljevic, Henrik Nilsson, Filip Sundgren, Calle Svensson, Josef Haddad, Bylent Halili, Sunday Eyenga, Merdin Kojic, Gabriel Chamoun, Martin Kolaj, Esat Jashari, Jimmy Karlsson (mv).

Sleipner miss Hall(df 6/1),Radesjo(mf 8/0),Sjoberg(mf 7/0) and Zunda(att 0/0)

Frendly »
Midtjylland - Horsens
Horsens with strong squad
Horsens:1. Søren Jochumsen(regular keeper 18/0);3. Morten Rasmussen(df 30/1),4. Nabil Aslam(18/0),5. Alexander Juel Andersen(df 26/2),6. Søren Jensen,9. Steffen Kielstrup,10. Martin Spelmann(mf 28/8),12. Henrik Toft,13. Thomas Kortegaard,15. Lasse Kryger(mf 32/4),18. Jeppe Mehl,19. Mads Agesen,20. Janus Drachmann,23. Robert Veselovsky,26. Troels Kløve,29. André Bjerregaard[bold are key players]

Horsens miss Lodberg(mf 27/3 important midifler),Retov(mf 30/5 key player),
Toft(att 27/6)Kebe(att 8/2),Hajdarevic(att 15/1) ...  and Macena(at 18/11 top scorer) left team all strikers are out,so i think they will have problem to score ...

Gloria - Concordia Chajna 1@2.40

Gloria play one very solid game vs Pandurii and won 0-1 !! they play very good game!

Concorida's team in big mess,they lost many important players on this transfer period ... club left: Lucian Filip(df 16/3),Alex(att 15/4 -to Fluminense),Vlad Munteanu(mf 21/1 -to Aue),Paulinho(mf 6/3 -to U.Cluj),captain Mamele(df 28/0 -to Targu),Guilherme Sitya(df 16/0 -to Piolesti),Doru Bratu(mf 11/0 -to Steaua) and Adi Rocha(att 15/8 top scorer- to Steaua) ... also they lost their sponsor after ending of season so that is also big blow for them ... think that Gloria are favorites now in this game

Peru »
U.San Martin - Alianza Lima h1 +0ah @1.93 (10bet)

Alianza Lima is in big problems! They are in deep financial problems,players didnt get their wages on time(or get smaller wages) ,because of that reason team left: Ramos(df 17/2),Trujillo(mf 23/1),Hurtado(mf 29/4),Corrales(df 9/0),Montano(mf 12/3),Curiel(att 5/0),Meneses(mf 11/1) and top scorer Fernandez(att 14/7) ...also some other players will leave club soon because the situation is worse and worse ... with this problems in away team expect an home win ,odds are great !

Leon De Huanuco - Cienciano
both teams on high no home advantage, Leon De Huauco from Huanuco(over 2000metres altitude) ,Cienciano from Cusco(over 2700metres altitude)

León De Huanuco:
Juan Flores; Fernando Masías, Jorge Araujo, Roller Cambindo, Renato Zapata; Carlos Zegarra; Éver Chávez, Sidney Faiffer, Johan Vásquez, Mimzum Quina; Luciano Cardinali. DT: Aníbal Ruiz.

Jesús Cisneros ; Junior Núñez, Miguel Ángel Villalta, Javier Pereyra, Marlon García; Edwin Retamoso, Carlos Elías, Julio García, Juan Cominges; Diego Virrueta, Miguel Mostto. DT: Raúl Arias.

S.Korea » K-League »
Ulsan - Pohang

Ulsan on home ground is great,5w-2d-1l
Pohang is second best away team 4w-2d-3l (14points)
Ulsan miss Kang(df 5/0)
Pohang miss regular keeper Yong Shin(gk 7/0) and Chul Park(mf 11/0)

Daejeon - Daegu 
Daegu without Nam Lee(df 13/0),Jin Park(df 11/0) and maybe best player Leonardo Lima(mf 10/2)
maybe quality is on Daegu's side but they are playing bad like guest + today miss some important players,i think Daejeon can do something here,but they miss Matheus(att 9/2) ... no bet for me

Gangwon - Gyeongam
Gyeongam have problems inside the club ... atmphosfere in club is bad!

Gwangju - Jeonbuk 2 @ 1.6 (wiliamhil)
quality on away side
Jeonbuk in great run,6 wins in a row
in last 5 games Jeonbuk always score 3 or more goals,that show how much strong attack they have! Gook Lee(att 15/11) is in great form,also here are brazilians Eninho(mf 15/8) and Henrique(mf 11/2), and chilean striker Droguett(att 15/6)
for Jeonbuk out are:Sang-Min Seo(mf 12/2),Won-Jae Park(mf 16/0) but that wont be a problem
Gwangju miss Saem-Lee(df 8/1)
last game
Jeonbuk 5-2 Gwangju

Belaraus »
Dinamo Minks - Dinamo Brest

Minks without:Lisovoy(mf 7/0)
Brest miss their regular keeper Fomichev(gk 9/0)

Neman - BATE
Neman out:Lebedev(mf 0/0),Legchinev(mf 0/0),Veselinov(mf 10/0)
BATE out:Filipenko(df 12/0),Pavlov(mf 11/0 key midifler) and best striker Mozolevski(att 9/7 key striker)

Shakhtyor - Belshina

Shakhtyor miss top scorer Yanush(att 13/6) he get injury in last match,but that wont be a problem because here is Komarovski(att 14/5) he is great striker and he will be good replace for Yanush
Belshina miss 2 important defenders,out are Braniflov(df 13/0) and Shagojkov(df 14/0)

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