Friday, July 20, 2012

friday night

Brazil Serie B
Sao Caetano - Barueri

Sao Caetano is in good form,9matches without a lost!
Sao Caetano without: first gk Luiz(8/0),Santos(df 11/1),Ailton(mf 2/0),Moradei(mf 11/0) and striker Leonard(10/2)
Barueri start to play good,but tonight they will have problem,5 regular players are out. Angelim(df 9/1),Leonardo(df 7/0),Chorao(mf 4/0),Paraiba(mf 9/3 best player/top scorer) and Marcelinho(att 10/1) are out for Barueri!

Guarantigueta - Boa
Guarantigueta without: Machado(df 3/0)
Boa have back 2 regular players, Gabriel(df 8/0) and Hora(mf 5/0).

America Mineiro - Guarani
America Mineiro is great at home 5w-0d-0l (average goal scored per match 3) 15goals in 5 home matches!
America Mineiro have full squad,only doubtful are Dudu(mf 10/2) and Gilberto(mf 10/0) but probably will play.
Guarani without: Oziel(df 1/0),Fabricio(mf 0/0),Fumagili(mf 0/0),Montero(mf 0/0) and Clebinho(att 5/1). on away ground Guarani stil without won match (0w-3d-3l)

Mexico Primera Division
Jaguares - Tigres

quality on away side
Tigres is last season champions! They sign lot of quality players like Garcia(from Saragoza),Cunha(from Corinthians),Salcido(from Fulham) ...
Jaguares is average team,tonight without: df Jimenez   ,while Esqueda(mf 23/2) and mf Zarate are doutbful!
most important for Jaguares - best striker Martinez(att 35/20 top scorer) go in Porto.
Tigres miss Jimenez(df 16/1),Bortsetein(mf 0/0),Stringle(df 0/0) and star signings(key players) Salcido and Garcia.

Chile Prmiera
Univ.Concepcion - Antofagasta

U.Concepcion finish on 11th place in Apertura,with solid home record.
Antofagasta finish Apertura on 16th place(3rd from down) ,without a won in last 7matches ... tongith miss important midifler Juan Gonzales(mf 14/0) but they sign lot of players so it wont be a problem!

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