Sunday, July 29, 2012

sunday strong infos

Bolivia Liga Proof
Bolivar - Petrolero h1 -1,5ah @1.70
Bolivar one of strongest team in league,they are great at home because of high altitude,Bolivar is from La Paz (over 4000metres altitude) so it will be big problem for Petrolero who is newcomer in league ,expect easy home win

Norway » Division 2 - Group 4
MO IL - Frigg 1 @2.05 (nordicbet)both teams have same number of points (20pts)
MO IL is 2nd best home team,4w-1d-2l. They are playing attacking football,nice for watching
Frigg have big problems,today they will miss 7 players,out are Kringberg, Olsen, Tjønneland, Grøndalen, Helsingen, Johannessen, Neumann.
last game Frigg 0-1 Mo IL
home ground + many away missings = home win

»Tippeligaen »
Tromso - Rosenborg 1 @2.40Rosenborg have very very hard game before 4 days in Europe League ,they play with Ordabasy and travel 6200km to Kazakhstan and 6200km back to Norway,today they again will have very long trip they have to travel 1200km to face with Tromso ...
Tromso have good team,they are still without a lost on home ground 6w-2d-0l
Rosenborg's players must be tired because of that long trips + they have important game for 4 days in Europe League ... so probably coach will use reserves on this game!

Viking - Sandness
quality on home side
Sadnes miss Frejd(df 15/0),Westlye(mf 4/0), top scorer Skjolsvik(mf 14/4) and 3rd scorer Thorsteisson(att 15/2)

» Superettan »
Agelholm - Trelleborg 1 @1.80
quality,form,missings on home side
Angelholm is in great from ,they have 3 wins in a row. On home ground they are excellent 6w-1d-1l !!
Trelleborg is worst away team (0w-1d-6L). Trelleborg today miss 3 regular players and 3 top scorers!! out are: NIlson(mf 1/0),Ramadan(att 7/1),Turunen(df 5/0 defence's boss),Jensen(att 10/2 third scorer,best striker),playmaker Haynes(mf 8/3 second scorer) and Adelstam(att 14/4 top scorer) !!! Trelleborg have scored 15 goals ,Haynes,Adelstam,Jensen and Ramadan score 9 of that 15 ...
expect easy home win

Czech » Gambrinus Liga »
Plzen - Hradec

Plzen probably will rest players because they have very important match for few days in Europe League.
This is first game in Gambrinus for both teams this season.
both teams with full squad no missings but like i said Plzen probably will rest key players...

Haka - KuPS 1 @2.40
Haka miss Dema(mf 8/2),Mattila(mf 13/1),Puustinen(att 9/2) and Metzger(att 13/3). Haka have 3 home wins in a row.
KuPS will play with mixed squad,they have important game in Europe League for few days so today they will rest key players ,6 reserves will be in first line up!  They have very small squad so coach must find best solution for this game to keep fresh all regular players,on bech they will have only 5 players (7 allowed)
two best players Purje(att 14/4 top score) and Illo(mf 16/2 key midifler) will be rested
KuPS is worst away team 1w-2d-5L

Japan » J-League Division 2 »
Shonan - Giravanz Kitakyushu

Shonan is 8 games without a lost but today they have some important missings.
Giravanz isnt so bad on away ground
Shonan miss Ono (mf 21/2), Endo (att 19/7 top scorer), Igari (mf 2/0) and Kook Young (df 21/0)
Giravanz 3-2 Shonan
Shonan 0-0 Giravanz
maybe x2 is good option

Tochigi - Mito 1 @2.80
Tochigi is in great from,5 wins in a row,on home ground they are playing very solid footbal !
Mito is bad on away ground 3w-4d-5l miss Kato(mf 8/1),Shimada(mf 21/3),Frank(att 24/3),Mishima(df 2/0)


  1. JJK is already out from Europe league

  2. most picks lost
    is the vip picks like these ?

  3. all your outside tips badly lost
    i wonder how are the vip picks

  4. well. this day badly but others with a profit. And always usefull news and fix

  5. Why have you deleted the MYPA pick ? you want to try to attract more customers with a better record ? But you don't think people will let you often delete (hide) picks who lost because we play them...

    VIP picks are in minus... He announced some 3U profit or so but sent Tromso for example who lost, and a super supposed info, HIGH stake he said but it lost too

  6. I delete MyPA because that was wrong info,MyPA wont have important game in Europe !!!!
    I dont wanna to hide anything ,I am here to help you with betting ,give u usefull infos and some insiders ...