Thursday, July 4, 2013

04/07 qualifications

FK Sarajevo - Libertas 
FK Sarajevo is good team from BiH. best player from last season Hodzic(20 goals,top scorer) left team.
Libertas is amateur team from San Marino,in this match without experienced strikers Fantini(att 21/7 top scorer) and De Luigi(att 20/5 ,3rd scorer).

Teteks - Pyunik

about Teteks; Teteks relegate in 2nd division but won cup so they will play in Europe League (something like Wigan in england :D ). They had two suspecious boss who had local bookie in Switzerland and make lot of money from that. One of them was in one fixing scandal in Italy. Very powerfull bosses but they dont care about club they just want money. Fans were happy when Teteks relegate in 2 Division because they thought that now owners will left club but that didnt happen. Owners stay in club and promise "come back" in 1 Division. 

I strongly believe that Teteks will make some fixing in Europe League , that is why owners stay in club ,if they fix here they can get more money from bookies.

They are almost same team like last season,they bring lot of quality players (only to win the cup and they did it). 
Teteks bring some quality players who sign a contact to play in Teteks only in Europe League qualifications, Kurtim Balazhi(df ,from Napredok) - great player ,he is in top 5 defenders in our league , young talented striker Angelov(att ,from Rabotnicki) -he was in Schalke on test but nothing from that and few others.
I dont know anything about Pyunik .. They are famous club in Macedonia because in 2004 they fix match with Pobeda Prilep (macedonian team) in europe qualifications and Pobeda was punished (while Pyunik nothing,no sanction). Now I read that they have some financial problems and club is brining young players.

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