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early bets

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19/07 Frendly
Telstar - Dordecht 
pick: over 3,25 goals
odds: 1.81 (sbobet)  FT 1-1 pick lost
This is tournament for 50 years of Telstar`s football club exsisting. there is special rule on this tournament. Because of this rule I expect teams to go with attacking line ups and attacking style of playing.

On this match there will be lot of Telstar fans, Telstar will play open and there will be many goals on this match I strongly believe in that.

over 5,5 goals , odds 6.00 (betvictor) is also good bet.

Achilles29 - Mallorca
Achilles is amateur team + in this match they will use mixed team because some of (their) best players are still on vacation.

Mallorca strong team from Spain,good known in world football. they should won this pretty easy.
pick: Mallorca -1,25ah @1.55 (188bet)
pick: over 3 goals @1.62 (sbobet)
FT 1-3 both picks WON

20/07 Germany 3 Liga
Duisburg - Heidenheim
Heidenheim +0ah @1.86 (sbobet)
FT 0-1 pick WON;2

Duisburg in big big big problems. Situation is getting worse and worse. They have only 10 profesional players in squad at this moment.

Almost all players from last season left team . because of financial problems Duisburg didnt bring any new players.

PLAYERS WHO LEFT CLUB: Wiedwald(first gk 27/0),Muller(second gk 7/0),Bomheuser(df 25/2),Kern(mf 19/2),Exslager(att 27/4 , 3rd scorer),brazilian Da Silva(mf 10/0),Domovchiyski(att 13/1),Baljak(att 23/2),key player Brandy(mf 32/6 top scorer),Berberovic(df 14/0),Sukalo(mf 27/0),Lachleb(df 17/0),Perthel(df 17/4),Hennen(df 1/0),JOvanovic(att 26/4),Gjasula(mf 8/0),Abdula(df 0/0) and Brosinski(mf 32/3)

the only quality player who stay in Duisburg is captain Bajic(df 30/5 ,2nd scorer) but he is suspended for this match.

Heidenheim is solid team,they sold some players but bring 2 really good.

Heidenheim -1ah @ 4.15 (bet365) is also good bet with value odds.

Frendly match

18:00h start.
GOSK Gabela - Leotar
1X @1.72 (bet365)
1 @3.00 (bet365)

FT 2-0 both picks WON

like first teams are in good relationships. 
Last season they played once 2/1
In last rounds when GOSK need points to stay in league Leotar let them the 3 points

GOSK relegate in lower league but they have decent squad. They were pretty good in preparations 1w-1d-1l (vs much better teams than Leotar).

Leotar is in huge problems,especially with money. Club have lot of debts and big financial problems.

info by croton: Trebinje are in big trouble, and the club down the debt does not want anyone to accept. It is incomprehensible to almost half a year did nothing to the club to be a little easier operation. The club has no government, no president, coach or squad. What Leotar has? Debts, and most are water, electricity and transport, as well as debts to the Tax Administration, and represent a major stumbling block to someone dares to take care of LEOTAR.

value bet definitely.

18/07 Frendly Match

Hannover (Ger) - West Brom (Eng)
pick: West Brom DNB
odds: 2.10 (bet365)
ft 2-1 lost

Hannover have lot of problems with squad,many absences .. for this match only 15 players available + 3 goalkeepers.

Steven Cherundolo(df 20/0) , Leon Andreasen(mf 5/2) , Manuel Schmiedebach(mf 21/2) , Franca(new signed player) , Bittencourt(new signed player),Ya Konan(att 28/7),Felipe(df 4/1),Teichgräber, Gökdemir, Sobiech(att 25/5), Schulz(df 19/1) and Haggui(df 22/1) are INJURED

Abdellaoue(att 26/8),Pinto(mf 30/2),Eggiman(df 22/1),Rausch(mf 30/3),Chaded(df 13/0) and few others left team. Djorou(df 14/0) is back in Arsenal.

West Brom is good known team from Premier League, they dont have problems with absences. This summer they bring Nicolas Anelka , he probably will start tomorrow match.

18/07 Europe League
Hajduk Split - Turnovo
, Turnovo +2ah @2.1 (bet365) FT 2-1 pick WON

value odds.

Hajduk is favourite in this match but not so big. Before 2 seasons Hajduk was in deep financial crisis , all key players left club then. Now situation is little better, Hajduk is playing with young players from their young system (which is really strong and quality).

Turnovo. Team from village near Strumica , their boss is Orce Todorov he invest money in this club long time and now after 10 years he get succses. They have good team for our league. Two great strikers Baldovaliev(16 goals last season) and best player in our league Blazevski. I believe in Turnovo´s players , experience is on their side and they should use that. Turnovo dont have problems with absences , players are fresh and well rested, they are ready for suprise.

Match will be played on empty stadium without fans because of Hajduk`s fans penalty (+ for Turnovo). Hajduk always have around 20k fans on stadium and now without them young players can have problems ...

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