Thursday, September 5, 2013

eurobasket 2013

Lithuania - Macedonia 
Macedonia +7,5ah @1.97 (pinnacle) ; 1.95 (dafabet;sbobet)

first i will start from yesterday match Macedonia - Montenegro.
Macedonia should won that match in last second we "score" 2 points , referee should see that Bjelica was touching the net when Cekovski shoot ... that is clearly against the rules.
(also take a look after that one Montenegro's player clear the ball in out and referees gave attack for Montenegro , HOW? are they blind or what???)

I just cant understand how referees didnt see that on video (if they even watch that ...), Macedonia send complaint in FIBA and they react negative ...

[i see somebody are writing comments that in that moment Cekovski made foul and that is the reason why it is not point and why it is not our ball , IF IT WAS FOUL BY CEKOVSKI HE SHOULD GO OUT BECAUSE OF 5 FOULS BUT HE STAY IN PLAY SO IT WAS NOT FOUL! ]

now about this match, after all what happened yesterday on Macedonia - Montenegro's match i think that now referees will be on our side (i hope so). We have good roster , McCalleb is in great form, brothers Stojanovski are playing good. Vlado Ilievski is old fox , problem is centar positions , we have Antic , Cekovski , Gecevski (he is very old but very smart) and Samardziski .. Antic was very bad yesterday , if he show good performances today i believe that we can even win this match.

i also watch Serbia - Lithuania match , Lithuania played very bad. They are not the same team from before ...

on last EuroBasket (2011) we won Lithuania with 2 points difference ,
Macedonia 67-65 Lithuania
other frendly matches between them.
Lithuania 74-78 Macedonia
Macedonia 50-62 Lithuania

maybe we will lose today but i believe that we wont lose with more than 6 points. +8,5 is good line.


  1. I think it will be very hard, because LTU today fighting not for win, but for sure, big win. My bet here was -9.5 for LTU.

  2. why cleaned the forecast for Sparta-Slovan 2(0) match? ? ?

  3. Sparta 1-0 Slovan lost, pick is on fb page that is why i deleted it from here.

    PICK LOST with 3 point shoot in last second , fuck.