Sunday, September 22, 2013

sunday picks and infos

Napredok - Pelister
Pelister +0ah @1.93 (bet365) ; 1.90 (sbobet)
FT 1-1 pick void 

last season Napredok was in very bad form whole spring ,they were without win long time and than "whop" they won Pelister ON AWAY GROUND! (it was fixed match , Pelister gave points to Napredok and Napredok stay in league) after that something interesting happen. 
 Dragan Bochevski(ex Napredok coach) is now Pelister's coach,while Gordan Zdravkov(ex Pelister coach) is now Napredok's coach, accident or no!?Pelister play match in relegation play-off vs FK Skopje (and won 1-0) , match was played on neutral ground exactly in Kicevo (Napredok is from Kicevo). Something strange happen…

Together with Goran Zdravkov(new Napredok coach) in Napredok came Pece Korunovski(gk from Pelister) and Toni Veljanovski(mf  from Pelister), while Dragan Bocevski(new Pelister coach) with him bring Goran Pashovski(gk from Napredok)

Pelister now have big ambitions,strong sponsor , lot of money in club , regular salaries , things are going on good way, in last round they win rich Shkendija and now they are on 4th place with 12pts (2 points less than 1st placed Bregalnica).
before 4 days they met Miravci in cup and they won 2-0 , they used mixed team in that match. good news Hristov(mf 5/0 best midifler) and Mojsov(mf 4/0) are back in team!!

the newest signings Vodenicharov(striker) and Kovachev played very good in first two matches,they showed good performances (they even scored goals)!! two very good players for this league.

Napredok in deep shit. it was expected because in their city Kicevo for first time on politic votes mayor is albanian!! and now Napredok (who is ethnical macedonian club) wont have support from city and major..

now it is time for pay back. Napredok should gave back this points to Pelister. I talk with one Napredok's player and he said we are going on draw ... so probably there wont be letting points so I go with safer option.

I expect odds to drop very fast because quality between this two clubs is huuuge!!

Osijek - Din.Zagreb 2 @1.4 (bet365)
FT 0-1 pick WON

Dinamo have 2 lost matches in a row so today it is must win match for them! Osijek is Dinamo's team , they are in very good relationships.
Dinamo buy young talents from Osijek, Mamic is in good relationships with Osijek's boss and they always help each other.. Osijek now have big finacnial problems , players are without wages long time, coach left club because of bad atmosfhere and unpaid wages ...
usually Dinamo gave points to Osijek when Osijek needs points but now Dinamo need points and win for their morale.

Osijek without Mikulic(first gk 9/0) , Novakovic(mf 7/1) , Babic , Vitaic(df 5/1) and Skoric(mf 6/0)
expect easy away win.

Levadiakos - PAS Giannina 1 @2.95 (pinnacle)
FT 2-1 pick WON

good relationships between this two clubs. Levadiakos have very powerfull and suspecious boss who is in very good relationships with federation. Levadiakos wont relegate for sure because of their owner and their big connections. plus they are like brothers clubs with Olympiakos.
today Levadiakos is in must win situation because after 4 rounds they have only 2 points and they are 17th placed (2nd from bottom).
PAS Giannina is not so strong on away ground , last season they score only 14 goals in 15 matches on away ground. ..

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