Sunday, September 8, 2013

SUNDAY 08/09

Holland Eerste Divisie
Achilles 29 - Jong Ajax

Achilles without Rijnbeek(df 1/0).
Jong Ajax in huge problems,club wanted this match to be played 2-3 days later but federation and Achilles didnt accept that... Jong Ajax will miss 7first team players + some others!!! De Kamps(mf 5/0) is suspended,Tete(df 4/0) and Veltamn(df 1/0) are injured.van der Hart(first gk 3/0),Sporkslede(df 6/1),Hoorn(df 1/0 key defedner),LIgeon(df 2/0) and Denswil(Df 4/0) are on international duty

Willem II - Jong PSV

Willem without Meul(first gk 3/0),Jallo(df 6/0) and Podevijn(att 3/0). Ondaan(att 3/0) is doubtful.
Jong PSV miss Hendrix(df 2/0) and Heesakkers(df 0/0)

Olimpo - Boca Juniors

Boca miss 3 key players, Orion(first gk 5/0) and Gago(mf 1/0) are on international duty,Riquelme(mf 4/2) is injured. important striker Blandi(att 5/2) is very doubtfull.

Odd II - Harstad

Odd II with help from first team, 7 players from first team today will play for Odd II becuase there is pause in first league.

Keepere: Sondre Rossbach(gk ,training with 1st team) og Viljar Myhra
Forsvar: Stian Henriksen, Lars-Kristian Eriksen(df 5/0), Vegard Bergan(df 0/0), Thomas Grøgaard(df 2/0 in first team), Atle Thommesen
Midtbane: Jone Samuelsen, Christer Kleiven(mf 15/0 in first team), Tony Vo, Kjetil Svarteberg, Tobias Lundeberg
Angrep: Mathias Fredriksen(att 4/0 in first team), Snorre Krogsgård(att 12/0), Erik Rosland, Mattias Andersson(att 3/0), Stefan Mladenovic, Jonas Heiland

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