Saturday, August 17, 2013

18/08 SUNDAY

Brazil Serie A
Portuguesa - Botafogo 2 @2.14 (188bet)
FT 1-3

value odds definitely.

Portuguesa is currently on 18th position (3rd from bottom) with only 13pts in 14 matches .. also for this match they have lot of problem with absences. Portuguesa's coach will put 7 reserve players in starting line up because on 22/08 Portuguesa have important match in Copa Sudamericana + because they have lot of absences.
Portuguesa without 14 players!!!
suspended are; Moises Moura(df 6/1),Gilberto(att 6/2),Canete(mf 12/2) and Diogo(att 9/3 top scorer).
Injured are; Washington(mf 0/0),Souza(mf 12/1),Romao(att 3/1),Muralha(mf 0/0),Ivan(df 3/0),Lima(df 8/0),Lucas(att 0/0),Viana(att 0/0),Bruninho(mf 3/0) and Henrique(mf 4/0).

Botafogo is better team than Portuguesa, Botafogo is 2nd on table with 26pts (2 points less than 1st palced Cruzeiro) but Botafogo have 1 match less so if Botafogo win today they will go on 1st position!
no important absences for Botafogo

Spain Segunda
Gijon - Real Madrid B 1 @1.76(pinnacle)  - 3/10 
FT 1-0

Gijon with high ambitions this season,they are going to fight for promotion (play off). They have some changes in team,few good players like Sangoy(att 35/8 ,3rd scorer),Bilic(att 32/11 ,2nd scorer) and Trejo(mf 38/5) left team ..

Real Madrid B have new generation , best players from last season are moved in first team. B team get 12 players from C team (that are young players without experience in strong league like Segunda Division) !!

Jese Rodriguez(att 38/22 top scorer),Alvaro Morata(att 18/12 ,2nd scorer),Cheryshev(att 34/11 ,3rd scorer),Ivan Gonzales(df 29/1) and Nacho(df 19/0) are transfered in Real Madrid A team. Juanfran(mf 41/4) go in Betis ,while Mosquera(mf 38/3),Casemiro(mf 15/1) and Fabinho(df 30/2) are on loan in some other clubs!

OFI Crete - Panionios 1 @2.00 (wiliam hil)- 4/10
FT 0-0

suspecious couple.

Panionios 2-1 OFI 3 own goals on this match. -take a look at highlights from this match.
1st and 2nd own goals were very funny , 3rd was ok.

h2h really suspecious (only 2008/09 is problem)
Head-to-head: OFI Crete - Panionios
Super League 2012/2013
OFI CretePanionios2:12.062.973.7919.01.2013
PanioniosOFI Crete2:12.112.953.7117.09.2012
Super League 2011/2012
OFI CretePanionios0:11.963.064.0110.03.2012
PanioniosOFI Crete1:
Super League 2008/2009
OFI CretePanionios2:02.742.982.5118.01.2009
PanioniosOFI Crete1:11.553.435.9621.09.2008
Super League 2007/2008
OFI CretePanionios1:22.502.972.7113.04.2008
PanioniosOFI Crete1:31.603.345.5930.12.2007
Super League 2006/2007
OFI CretePanionios3:12.202.953.0329.04.2007
PanioniosOFI Crete1:02.132.883.5310.12.2006
Super League 2005/2006
OFI CretePanionios1:11.833.173.9026.03.2006
PanioniosOFI Crete1:11.743.244.3020.11.2005
Super League 2004/2005
PanioniosOFI Crete2:11.843.133.7820.02.2005
OFI CretePanionios2:02.552.992.5216.10.2004
Super League 2003/2004
OFI CretePanionios1:
PanioniosOFI Crete1:11.463.865.6814.09.2003
Super League 2002/2003
OFI CretePanionios1:12.423.042.7806.04.2003
PanioniosOFI Crete0:01.843.244.0908.12.2002
Super League 2001/2002
OFI CretePanionios0:01.713.354.6417.02.2002
PanioniosOFI Crete1:11.893.403.5014.10.2001

transfers: 3 players from OFI Crete go in Panionios for FREE!
SeasonName / PositionNat.Transfer fee
Manolis ZacharakisManolis Zacharakis
Defence, Panionios
free transfer
Leonidas KampantaisLeonidas Kampantais
Striker, Panionios
free transfer
Vasilios RovasVasilios Rovas
Midfield, AEK FC
free transfer

this is first match in this season so maybe it is better to wait for 2nd match but i am pretty sure that home team will won because Panionios this season will have problems because some good players left team and their target now is to stay in league.

OFI have new coach (ex Panthrakikos coach) , he is good. They bring some quality players and their target is middle of table.

(maybe greeks can help me more with this match)

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