Tuesday, August 27, 2013

free pick from my league

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Pelister - Metalurg Skopje
dnb1 @1.62 (bet365)   FT 2-2 VOID

odds will drop a lot so take this bet quickly

I wrote about Pelister's ambitions this season,they made great team thanks to new sponsor "Mongolo"

http://www.betshoot.com/79792-Pelister-Bitola-vs-Euromilk-betting-tips here u can read more about Pelister's team , signings ,ambitions and sponsor.

in last round Pelister lost 3-0 from Bregalnica (bregalnica get red card in 10th minute but that was not problem to destroy pelister) .. (it was suspecious match for me , there is some problem between major of Bitola and sponsor "Mongolo" , Mongolo want to have whole club (to buy club if i understand good) but major still didnt sign that agreement and Mongolo(person) was seen in local bookie how want to put lot of money on some match but local bookie didnt allow him ....)

anyway Pelister is better team and they should win this if there are not some "agreements" between clubs.

for this match Pelister will miss Glavevski(long term injured) and Rijad Demic(important midifler) , but for both of them they have good replacement so that wont be big problem.

Metalurg is not so strong anymore like last season. If some of you have chance to watch their frendly matches and matches in Europe Qualifications you will know for what i am talking. They are not good prepared and they are not ready for this season,they can play only 70minutes (in last 20 minutes they always fall).

Last season Metalurg's juniors won Junior Cup and Junior League , so now president Mincho want to put those kids in first team. True that is a good move but they are unexperienced and they will have a lot of problems in first rounds.
many important players left Metalurg and now they are much weaker. Pavlovic(first gk 17/0),best player Dragovic(df 26/1),Ignatov(mf 26/2),Ljamcevski(mf 25/1),Goran Maznov(att 28/4) and Alomerovic(mf 23/2) LEFT CLUB.

Pavlovic will be big blow because on goal now will be young Efremov(20y old), Dragovic was best player he was running everywhere (amazing player for our standards), Ignatov will be huge missing because he was taking ALL free-kicks (Metalurg score a lot of goals by free kicks) ...........

in cup match before 6 days Metalurg won Korzo only with 0-1 ... before 3 days vs weak Napredok they play just 0-0 (on home ground). They are high on 4th place only because they have easy matches till now ...

For this match Metalurg will have problems in defence because the only experienced defender in team
Berisha(df 3/1) and another important defender Gjorgievski(df 3/0) are SUSPENDED!

before few weeks Churlinov(att 26/5 ls) fmgo in Zaporozhye.
Metalurg in defence will have to play with; Mitrevski(21y old),Dodevski(df 0/0 , 21y old), Dzhinov(df 0/0 ,19y old) and Dimov(df 0/0 ,19y old) , very weak and unexperienced defencive line up . Pelister's striker Stenio Junior wont have problems with this teenagers.

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