Wednesday, August 28, 2013

another free pick from my league

Vardar - Bregalnica Stip 
bregalnica +1,5ah @1.64 (188bet);2
FT 1-0 WON

odds in one moment for this bet were 2.00 I though maybe they will go up more but that didn't happen > odds go down.

Situation in Vardar is bad, I will say very bad!
2nd biggest fan group in Macedonia - Komiti dont support Vardar in last few matches because they want new board and new owners. Fans are very angry on board , on stadium today wont be more than 150 people (all of them neutral fans).

before start of season Vardar lost two three very important midiflers Osa(mf 10/1),Stjepanovic(mf 31/5) and Randjelovic(mf 24/2), experienced striker Manevski(att 26/7 ,2nd scorer) also left team.
+ experienced standard defender Vajs(df 28/1) is suspended becuase of positive doping test and he isnt anymore in team.

Before few days best player Jove Kostovski(att 2/4 top scorer , 20g league top scorer last season) left club! He was alfa and omega on this club. Georgiev(att 3/0 ,20/4 ls)  and Aco Stojkov(att 2/1 , 11/7 ls) are injured! important defender Bojovic(df 2/1 , 22/0 ls) broke his nose and he is also out!Zarko Simjanovski(mf 30/5 ls in Napredok) is questionable! Zahov(first gk 1/0) is back in team after injury but he still isnt in best form.

5 first team players are out. Vardar again without real striker, in last match vs Turnovo they were very bad in attack because they dont have real striker , Ademovic is not good player...

Things in Bregalnica are going in right direction. They have new president of club. In last round they won strong Pelister 3-0 (+ brega have red card from 10th minute!!). Bregalnica miss 4 unimportant players(youngsters) , Bregalnica now can use their new players and they will be stronger.

Bregalnica's fans will definitely came in Skopje because they dont like with Komiti (vardar fan group) , Komiti last season stole one of Falanga's fan flag and now they dont like each other. "Falanga" will came in Skopje and Bregalnica will have support from tribunes not vardar who is playing on home ground.

Vardar dont have strikers so I dont see how they will win with 2 goal difference in this match ... value bet. GL

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