Thursday, November 14, 2013

14/11 infos

poor offer today,no good picks ....

Frendly spain
Cordoba - Atl.Madrid

Atl.Madrid will use mixed team ... key players are missing , some of them are injured and some of them are on international duties..
Courtois(first gk 13/0),Alderweireld(df 2/0),Juanfran(df 12/0), Koke(mf 13/1),Diego Villa(att 13/6 ,2nd scorer),Godin(df 12/0), Gimenez(df 1/0), Cristian Rodriguez(mf 9/1),Arda Turan(mf 10/1),Javi Manquillo(df 1/0) and Óliver Torres(mf 4/1) are with NT. Mario Suarez(mf 7/0) and Diego Costa(att 13/13 top scorer) are injured
11 youngsters are called from B and C team ..

Atl.Mineiro - Internacional
Atletico without Victor(first gk 26/0),Michel(df 10/0),Richarlyson(df 12/0),Ronaldinho(mf 13/5),DOnizet(mf 13/0) and Jo(att 19/6 top scorer)
Internacional without Kleber(df 19/1),Indio(df 12/1),Gabriel(df 24/1),Juan(df 29/3),Alves(df 10/0),Ygor(mf 11/0),Bolatti(mf 0/0) and 3 important strikers Damiao(att 23/5),Forlan(att 14/5),Scocco(att 17/3).
maybe good pick here is internacional to score under 1 goal , odds 2.6 in bwin but i dont see value ...

Metalurg Skopje - Vardar

big city derby in champions league , there is big hattnes between their fan groups (Komiti and Pirates) ... tickets were sold out for just 2 hours... this will be very good match for watching and everyone in our country is waiting for this match.
Vardar this season is much stronger because they have new sponsor and that is Samsonenko , he bring lot of new players... Vardar now have amazing wings but weak 'back line' .. also they dont have real coach, Andon is leading the trainings while Samsonenko(who is owner and sponsor) is leading the team in matches ... that is pretty stupid but ok ...
Metalurg have amazing coach Lino Cervar who have very disciplined and good team , for this match there is one very good news for him , Mirkulovski is back after injury and he can play.

the best for both clubs will be if they play 2for2 and both will go in next stage but there is big hattnes and i am sure that they wont do that ...
anyway my pick here is; 1x (metalurg +0,5ah)

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