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yesterday was terrible day ... I hope today we will make some good money ...

Giannina - OFI 
pick: Giannina
odds: 1.88 (188bet)
last season Giannina gave 3 points to OFI to stay in league now it is time for pay back
situation in lower part of table before that match was: 16th Kerkyra (20pts) , 15th Aris (25pts), 14th OFI (28pts) , 13th AEK (29pts)
thanks to this 3 points OFI stay in league!!!

now Giannina have new coach , they relegate in cup so their only chance for Europe is league ... they have to win this match. Giannina with full squad available, Chavez(mf 7/2) is back in team, now they will be much stronger.
OFI miss two important midiflers Veron(mf 6/0) and Galletti(mf 5/0)

Germany JuniorWest
Theesen u19 - Duisburg u19
Duisburg -1,5ah
oddS: 1.85
I wont write here too much. Theesen u19 dont belong here , they are too weak for this league. They dont have good players for this league,their school is poor. In their squad most of players are u18 , one year difference in this category means a lot !!!! in last round Theesen lost vs 2nd worst team in league Bonner 4-1 .. they are in very bad form
Theesen U19:  last results
Bonner U19Theesen U194:11.305.246.5603.11.2013
Theesen U19B. Moenchengladb...0:511.107.001.1426.10.2013
Leverkusen U19Theesen U194:11.079.0015.0019.10.2013
Theesen U19Dusseldorf U190:505.10.2013
Bochum U19Theesen U193:01.166.7910.4322.09.2013
Theesen U19Oberhausen U190:23.904.081.6515.09.2013
Köln U19Theesen U198:01.245.767.6701.09.2013
Theesen 0-5 Dusseldorf (u19)
Duisburg 3-0 Dusseldorf (u19)

big quality difference , expect easy away win.

Leotar - Olimpik Sarajevo 
pick: Olimpik
oddS: 2.10 (bet365)
i talk about Leotar and their big problems at start of this season! Like I wrote then now all that is coming true , Leotar is last on table with only 9 points after 15 matches ... they won 2 matches (one of them was clearly fixed , 2-0 win vs Slavija ...) They have very weak,young and unexperienced team! Club also have big problems with money and now they have to pay some debts to federation if they dont pay club can be taken some points ....
imo Leotar will surely relegate and now vs strong Olimpik they dont have chance .. only positive thing for them is home ground ..
Leotar miss two defenders Prebiracevic(df 9/0) and Djajic(df 9/0) - both regulars.

Olimpik fighting for europe but here things are strange and club from 8th position can play in europe ... Olimpik is in good form they are 7 matches without a lost (3w-4d). no important missings in Olimpik

this season Olimpik already beat Leotar twice. once in league Olimpik 4-0 Leotar , and once in cup Leotar 0-2 Olimpik... in both matches Olimpik won pretty easy.
this should be easy away win because there is big quality difference on Olimpik's side , but Leotar is very suspecious club so we have to becareful here ..
safer option dnb2 , odds 1.57

Hajduk - Istra
Hajduk without Caktas(mf 3/1),Andjelkovic(mf 10/0),Bukva(mf 5/0) and Bencun(att 9/5).
Istra without Havojic(mf 8/1),Horvat(df 6/0),Batarelo(df 14/0) and Milicevic(att 7/0)

Osijek - RNK Split
pick: Spit -0,25ah
odds: 1.80 (dafabet)

Osijek in big financial problems!! There are some rumours that club is in front of bankrupt!!
they have some good and talented guys but they will have to sell them because club need money, players were without wages around 2 months ... in cup match on 30/10 vs 4th league team Medjimurje , Osijek played just 0-0 .....

Split this season made very good team , they bought some very quality players and they have big ambitions. They started season bad but now in last 10 matches they are doing very good (6w-3d-1l) .. they won two strongest teams in league Split 1-0 Rijeka , Split 1-0 Dinamo , with Hajduk Split (2nd placed) they played 0-0 on away ground ....
OSijek without Mikulic(first gk 12/0),Smoje(df 0/0),Simunec(df 8/0),Vitaic(mf 8/1),Babic(df 9/0),Lulic(mf 12/4 top scorer) and Perosevic(att 1/0).
Split without Vrgic(df 7/1),Krizanac(df 9/0),Vitaic(mf 0/0),Mrsic(mf 10/1) and Baraban(att 0/0)
if this match is clear this should be easy away win but i strongly believe that match will be fixed for something because Osijek desperate need money ...

before start of this season RNK Split get 3 players for free from Osijek (Vrgoc , Ibriks and Zulim)
Josip Baricic (from RNK Split in Osijek for free) - 2013/14

Split's coach is Stanko Mrsic (Mrsic was coach in Osijek whole last season!!)
Osijek's coach is Ivica Kulesevic (big friend with Stanko Mrsic , they were together in RNK Split's staff last season!!)

so there are good relationships between clubs, i would go with higher stakes for away win but i am little bit scared because of this connections between coaches ...

Aris - Panathinaikos

Aris without 4 important midiflers , Ikonomopolos(mf 5/0),Iraklis(mf 7/0),Elsner(mf 8/0) and Triantafyllakos(mf 7/0).
Panathinaikos without Pranjic(mf 6/0),Bajrami(att 5/0) and Apostplopoulos(att 1/0)

Platanias - Smyrnis

PLatanias without Dimitris(Df 3/0),Cerra(df 2/0),NAzlidis(Mf 7/4) and Moral(mf 6/0)
Smyrnis without Kanakoudis(df 0/0) and Petropoulos(att 7/2)

Holland Eredivisie
Roda - Go Ahead Eagles

no important missings in both teams.

Heracles - Groningen
Heracles without Koenders(df 9/0),Wierik(df 9/1),Vujicevic(Mf 2/0) and Kangaskolkka(att 3/0).
Groningen without Bakker(df 0/0),Letschert(df 7/0),Velden(att 10/3),TEixeira(att 3/1) and Zeefuik(att 4/3)

ADO Den Haag - Twente
ADO without Zwinkels(gk),Kanon(df),Wormogoor(Df 6/0),SChet(Att 3/0) and Jansen(mf 3/0).
Cambuur miss Hemmen(att 11/4)

Italy Serie B
Bari - Varese

Bari without Masi(df 0/0),Albadoro(att 2/0) and Caputo(att 0/0)
Varese without Bressan(first gk 8/0),Fiamozzi(df 9/1),Lupoli(att 3/0) and Pavoletti(att 10/7 top scorer).

Brescia - Avellino

Brescia without Freddi(df 7/0),Zambelli(df 7/),Lasik(df 4/0),Diouf(mf 0/0),Sodinha(mf 7/0),Mitrovic(att 7/1) and Caracciolo(att 12/6 top scorer)
Avellino without Terracciano(gk 9/0),Bittante(df 12/0),AberO(df 1/0),Togni(mf 3/0) and DIa(att 3/0)

Flamengo - Goias

goias in amazing run , they now have big chances for top 4 places (copa libertadores/sudamericana)
Flamengo in middle of table , playing just for honour , today without Felipe(first gk 24/0),Paulo(df 26/1),Caceres(mf 13/1) and Samir(df 9/0). rested will be Moura(df 24/2),Paulinho(mf 29/3),CHicao(df 12/1) and best midifler Elias(mf 28/4).
I was planning to bet on Goias today but when i saw that they miss Walter(att 12 goals , top scorer) i decide to stay away from this match because they dont have other good classic striker .

PSG - Nice 1 @1.2 (betvictor)

i expect here an easy home win becuase PSG have amazing team with amazing strikers while Nice will miss Genevois(df 8/0) and Ospina(first gk 11/0) .. they dont have good 2nd gk choice ..

Borac - Celik

both teams have financial problems but Borac is doing very well ...
Celik without Jusić(df 10/0), Barač(mf 15/1), Stajić(att 13/0), Lakičević(df 9/0), Bureković(mf 3/0), Grahovac(mf 5/0)

Handball Croatia
Umag - Bjelovar 1 @1.3 (betvictor)
Bjelovar will have to travel around 5 hours with van (not with buss but with van!!)
players said; "this is very long trip and we dont have comfort in the van , It will be very hard to recover from long trip"
+ Bjelovar will go on this match with only 10 players + 2 gks ...
Taras and Gasparovic (two important players) are injured and wont play for Bjelovar today , Ezget also have injury but he will probably play ...

Handball SEHA Liga
Vojvodina - Metalurg

Vojvodina without Kocic(First gk)
Metalurg play important match vs Vardar next week so this match is unimportant for them ... coach Lino will rest key players N.Mojsovski(B 6/25) , Z. Mojsovski(W 6/0),  Atman(B 6/21), Mirkulovski(B 3/6 , injured), and 4 key players in defendce Kedžo(B 6/0),Markoski(B 6/0), Jonoski(B 6/0) and best player Stanić(gk 6/0)

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