Tuesday, November 19, 2013

macedonian cup 20/11 (wednesday)

Napredok - Teteks x2 @1.8 (bet365)
FT 1-2 WON!

first match Teteks 0-0 Napredok

In first match Teteks had the initiative and create the chances but couldn't score... Napredok is very bad this season, last on table in league for me they are already relegated,they dont have support from the city major and it was good known even from last season (after political choices) that Napredok this season will relegate.

Napredok's coach is Gorazd Mihajlov (ex Teteks coach). Bad news for Napredok is that both central defenders are out Balazhi(df 12/1) and M.Stepanovski(df 8/0) -both injured.

Teteks is playing in 2nd league but they are best team there,they have very good squad with which they can easy play in 1st league. They have rich and powerfull boss and good coach, Teteks played two times 2-2 with strong Renova,while Napredok lost 2-0 vs Renova...
I talk with some players from Teteks and they are predicting their victory ;)

this will be 45/55 match so odds are value.

(one other interesting info is that Vladimir Neloski [teteks player] before few days became president of UMS VMRO [leading politic party in country] , that is very powerfull function , strange things happen in my wonderfull country :D ]

Shkendija - Bregalnica

first match Bregalncia 2-1 Shkendija
both teams want to play in Europe next season through the cup. Shkendija is very rich now but they still arent playing on top level,they have little problems with injuries.. best player,playmaker Неџипи(mf 7/1), Селмани(mf 15/4 top scorer), Мазнов(att 11/2) и Алију(df 7/0) are out.
Bregalnica wanted to postpone this match but Shkendija didnt accept that , Bregalnica dont have problems with missing players ,they are missing only defender I.Stojanov.

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