Sunday, November 17, 2013


Holland Eerste Divisie
Jong Ajax - Sparta 
sparta -1ah @2.14 (sbobet,pinnacle)
big quality difference on away side..

Jong Ajax again without big number of players, 18 players are missing!
UNAVAILABLE ARE: Martina(df 9/0),Hoorn(df 3/0),Hart(first gk 8/0),Cilessen(second gk 3/0),Moisander(df 1/0),Lobotka(mf 11/3 top scorer),Enoh(mf 7/0),Bazoer(Df 9/0),Riedwald(Df 2/0),Veltman(df 3/1),Ligeon(df 6/0),Sporkslede(df 9/1),L;aassen(mf 6/1),Blind9df 1/0),Honer(att 4/0),Denswil(df 4/0),Boilesen(df 1/0) and Andersen(att 2/3 top scorer)
+ they are in very bad form 7 lost matches in a row , NO HELP from first team ...

Sparta is 2nd on table,much better than Jong Ajax and more experienced,for this match they dont have important absences.

Cruzeiro - Ponte Preta

Cruzeiro won league so now coach will give chance to players who didnt play much.. VictorinO(df 0/0),Rodrigo(df 29/2),NIlton(mf 29/7) and Martinuccio(att 7/0) are injured. Dede(df 30/2),Egidio(df 33/0),Dagoberto(Att 21/4) and Borges(att 23/10 top scorer) will be rested

Libertad - Guarani

Libertad with mixed team because of Copa Sudamericana's match for few days ...
possible line up; Armando Vera(secodn gk 6/0); Alan Benítez(df 1/0), César Coronel(DF 8/0), Gustavo Gómez(df 19/1) y Miguel Samudio(df 20/1); Nelson Romero(att 34/0), Sergio Aquino(mf 27/3), Osmar Molinas(mf 23/0) y Jorge González(mf 24/3); Jorge Recalde(att 17/4) y Brian Montenegro(att 13/5).

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