Tuesday, April 15, 2014

15th april free informations

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Austria Cup
Horn - Amstetten

Horn without Baumgartner(df 16/1) and Eder(df 4/0).
Amstetten without Zemann(att 15/8 top scorer)

Belgium Cup
Anderlecht - Zulte Waregem

Anderlecht without Borre(df 21/0) and long term injured Suarez(att 11/6).
Zulte without Kums(mf 24/4) and Leye(att 8/1)

Germany Cup
Dortmund - Wolfsburg 

Dortmund without Schmelzer(df 17/1),Subotic(Df 10/0),Blacszykowski(mf 16/2),Bender(mf 19/1) and Gundogan.
Wolfsburg without Benaglio(first gk 27/0),Rodriguez(df 30/5) and Dost(att 13/4)

Croatia NHL 1
Rijeka - Zadar

Rijeka without Knezevic,Maric(df 19/0),Males(mf 22/0) and Moises(mf 10/1).
Zadar without Neretljak(df 20/0),Tadic(att 19/5) and Banovic(mf 10/2)

Slaven Belupo - Osijek
Belupo without Pranjić(Df 7/0), Edson(df 24/2), Crepulja, Filipović(Df 17/1), Plazanić(df 4/0)
Osijek without Škorić, Lulić(mf 18/4), Mišić(mf 24/1), Vitaić(mf 14/1), Mandić(att 12/1), Grgić


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