Tuesday, April 15, 2014

argentina tonight free pick

Velez - Quilmes
pick: velez -1ah
odds: 2.16 (dafabet;188bet)
stake: 5/10

Velez at home very strong 4w-2d-1l (13:4 goal difference). they have killing attacking duo Zarate(12g) and PRatto(10g). They must win to go in fight for 1st place.
Allione(mf 26/5) and Canteros(mf 27/1) will be rested in Velez team, Ferreira(mf 9/0) and Tobbio(df 23/0) are injured

Quilmes one of the worst teams in league (2nd from bottom with only 12pts)... Quilmes again with too many absences. Coach annouced that he will use mixed team today because they have no chances in this match,key players will be rested for next match! injured are: Peratta(first gk 22/0),Perez(df 8/0),Gimenez(att),Diaz(att 8/0),Hipperdinger(att 9/1),VUanello(att 2/0),Martinez(df 22/2),Zacarria(att 18/1),Romero(mf 18/1),Abecasis(df 20/1) and Bontempo(df 18/0)


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  2. Velez conceded 2 goals in the first 9 minutes! Wtf!

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  4. That's life btw damn it, I lost $500...

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