Saturday, April 5, 2014

saturday useful infos

Scotland 2 League
Clyde - Annan

clyde +0ah @1.94 (dafabet)
stake: 3/10
two equal teams, Clyde is 3rd on table,Annan is 2nd placed.. they met 3 times this season and Clyde was better in all 3 matches
League Two 2013/2014
in all of them minimal win but win is a win :P
Annan now will be much weaker becuase of some important absences.. Steven Black(df 16/1), Martin McNiff(mf 27/2), Peter Watson(df 28/1) and Iain Chisholm(df 16/0) are all struggling to make the Broadwood meeting. Matty Flynn(mf 23/1) and Kenny Mackay(att 26/13 top scorer) have both been ruled out with knocks.
i believe that Clyde who beat Annan 3 times this season when Annan have almost best squad available could win them once again.

Auerbach - Union Berlin II

union berlin II +0ah @1.77 (sbobet)
stake: 5/10
not my pick i found info on one german forum ( link
Auerbach's coach told that he will rotate his line up.. on 09/04 Auerbach play Regional Cup match and coach decide to rest some of best players and keep them fresh for final match.
Sat05/04/14REGAuerbach13 : 30Union Berlin IIOdds
Wed09/04/14RCSAuerbach18 : 30Chemnitzer FC
Union Berlin is anyway better team, they are better placed etc.
value odds. gl

Scotland Premier
Dundee Utd - Celtic
Dundee could rest some players because they have semi final cup match for few days. Butcher(df 6/0) and Good are oinjured
Celtic already won the title, out are; Fisher(df 12/0),Matthews(df 20/1),Biton(mf 15/0),Mulgrew(mf 24/6).

Kilmarnock - St.Johnstone
Kilmarnock without Barr(df 12/2),Clingan(mf 14/1) and Kiltie(mf 5/0)
St.Johnstone without Scobbie(df 21/0),Davidson(mf 21/1) and McDonald(mf 27/0)

St.Mirren - Motherwell
problems for guests.
Motherwell boss Stuart McCall, who side are level with Aberdeen in the chase for the runners-up spot, could be without up to eight players for the trip to Paisley.
Hollis(gk 11/0),Reid(df 8/0),Anier(att 27/8, 3rd scorer),Carswell(mf 27/0),McFadden(att 24/4),Lawson(mf 17/0) and Ramsden(df 18/0) are all injured.

Czech Gambrinus
Slovan - Ostrava
Slovan without Kovac(Df 22/1),Fleisamn(df 16/1) and Delarge(att 15/0).
Ostrava without Sichor9mf 4/1),Stronati(df 1/0) and Petrus(att 5/1)

Dukha Praha - Plzen 2 @1.9 (bet365)
stake: 3/10

Dukla without Vorel(df 15/0),Hanousek(mf 12/0),Albiach(att 14/1) and Maly(mf 15/2).
Plzen is full
form and quality is on away side, i like the odds.

Italy Serie B
Ternana - Cesena

Ternana without Masi(df 17/4),Lauro(df 20/1),Fazio(df 21/0),Valeri(mf 6/0),Botta(mf 6/0).
Cesena without Krajnc(df 19/1),Cascione(mf 21/3),Feudis(mf 27/1),Renzetti(mf 28/0),Capelli(df 23/1),Campagnalo(gk 12/0) and Agilardi(gk 2/0).

Novara - Crotone
Novara without Martinez(gk 0/0),Nava(df 7/0)),Katidis(Mf 9/0),Pesce(mf 20/0),LAzzari(mf 26/3),Buzzegoli(mf 29/2),Laner(mf 7/),Parravicnin(mf 3/0,GEnevier(mf 10/0) and Pivkovski(att 1/0). Crotone without  Suagher(df 14/0),Secco(df 0/0),Ligi(df 27/1)

Brescia - Pescara
Brescia without Cragno(first gk 25/0),Mori(df 1/0),Mitrovic(att 7/1) and benali(mf 25/3).
Pescara without Pelizzoli(first gk 11/0),Rossi(df 26/0,Schiavi(df 22/0),Capuano(df 14/0) and Viviani(mf 6/2).

Carpi - Trapani
Carp without 3 central defenders Pesoli(df 27/0) and Romagnoli(df 22/1) are suspended,Poli(df 13/0) is injured.
Trapani without Terlizzi(df 23/1),Piroli(df 4/0),Ciamitaro(mf 23/1),Caccetta(mf 27/0) and Lo Bue(df 3/0)

Hungary NB I
Papa - Pesci

Papa without Dlusztus(df 0/0),Presinger(df 17/1),Sekour(mf 15/0),Orosz(att 18/3) and Kenesei(att 17/4). Pesci without Fodor(df 21/1),Varosi(mf 7/0) and Frohlich(att 16/2)

Paksi - MTK
Paksi without Kecskes(mf 21/0) and Konyves(att 13/2).
MTK miss 7 players, Poor(df 20/0),Nagy(df 10/0),Fejes(df 18/1),Baki(df 4/0),Vass(mf 5/0),Csiki(att 8/0) and BEse(att 16/2)

Zakrapattia - Met.Donetsk

Zakrapattia without NIculae(att 9/3) and Khomyn(df 1/0).
Donetsk without Lazic(mf 17/4) and Nelson(att 18/1)

Tavriya - Dnipro
Tavriya without CeliO(df 1/0).
DNipro without Boyko(first gk 19/0) and Mandzyk(df 12/1)

Poland Ekstraklasa
Lechia - Zagleibe

lechia must win to catch championship group but becareful with them! Lechia without Deleu(df 23/2),Bieniuk(Df 18/0),Oualembo(df 19/0),Buzula(att 15/4),Sadaev(att 6/0) and Kaniecki(gk 3/0).
Zagleibe without Godal(df 1/0)

Lech - Jagiellonia
Lech without Buric(gk),Ubirip(att 7/3),Arboled(df 12/2) and Ceesay(df 8/0).
Jagiellonia without Straus(Df 11/0),Grzyb(mf 16/3),Piatkowski(att 22/5) and Pawlovski(Att 5/1)

England Championship
Watford - Burnley

Watford without Park(att 2/0) and Forestieri(att 27/7).
Burnley 4 players who together scored 43 goals! out are: Vokes(att 39/20 top scorer),Ings(att 34/19 ,2nd scorer),Marney(mf 32/3) and Tripper(df 36/1)

Nottingham - Milwall
Nottingham without Hobbs(df 27/1),Lichaj(df 24/0),Lascelles(df 24/1),Cohen(mf 16/1) and Blackstock(att 1/0.
MIlwall without Shittu(df 22/1) and Chaplow(mf 19/1)

Bournemouth - QPR
Bournemouth is full.
QPR without Onuoha(df 20/1),Hughes(df 8/0),Barton(mf 31/2),Philips(mf 21/3),Faurlin(mf 7/0),Doyle(att 6/2) and Johnston(att 17/2)


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