Sunday, April 6, 2014

macedonian pick 6/04

Renova - Pelister
pelister +0ah @2.25 (sbobet)
stake: 5/10;2
the most interesting match this round. it will be on tv.
There is big euphoria in Pelister's city Bitola, everybody is talking about Pelister and title.. after so many years Pelister have chances to won the title. They have financial problems,problems with major who always lie them but still there is one person called Mongolo who keep this team alive! Players get salaries last week and after the win vs Gostivar they got extra money.. for this match only Elmazovski(df 23/0) is missing.
Also very positive thing for Pelister in front of this match is that all players are in quarantine from yesterday to keep players focus on this match.

Renova will have home field advantage but that is not important because they dont have real fans who support this team.. they are club from one village (Džepište) but they play their matches in Tetovo on Gradski Stadion. Also weather today is bad so i dont believe that Renova will have any fans on the stands , maximum 50 people.. i expect more Pelister's fans.
main reason for this pick are missings in home side.. vice-captain Emini(mf 22/9 top scorer) is injured and that is big blow for team, another key offensive player Gafuri(mf 21/1) is suspended and 3rd key player from midfield DM Nuhiu(mf 23/0) is injured (there are rumours that he will play with injection but i dont believe that they will risk). This 3 players are most important players in the team, without them midfield will be 0.
key central defender Sasko Ristov(df 13/1) and Sali(att 10/1) left club.. Sali was the only real striker in team now they dont have any striker.

value odds. GL


  1. Чигивара уже не тот...

    1. Привет, ты прав. Раньше намного лучшего у него заходило. Сейчас нашел сайт с разделом INSIDE там зависаю, отличная инфа в стиле Че

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