Tuesday, April 30, 2013


New Radiant - Persibo Bojonegor 1 @2.00 (betway)
 6-1 won

Persibo in huge problems,they have only 7-8 profesional players in team,rest of them are amateur (mostly local players..) ,no money in team.

New Radiant is strong team,lot of quality players in team.

first match Persibo 0-7 New Radiant ..

so if New Radiant won them 0-7 on away ground on home ground we should expect something like 10-0

new radiant -1,5ah
new radiant -2ah
new radiant -2,5ah
over 4,5 goals
over 5,5 goals

Lovcen - OFK Petrovac 1 @2.00 (tipico)  
0-1 lost

huge odds dropping for home win .. something suspecious is happening.

in first half of season Lovcen lost lot of matches but that was because players were striking and Lovcen play with juniors .. now situation is different,team is in good form with only 1 lose in last 8 matches ..

OFK Petrovac in middle of table ,quite sure,also they are in bad form ...

next year Lovcen is celebrating 100 years excisting so i dont think that club with so big tradition and history will relegate just 1 year before that big happening for them.

additional info; match is blocked in almost all serbian and montenegro's bookies.

Macedonia CUP
Teteks - Sileks  

pick: teteks to go in final (teteks to past semi final)  3-0 WON

huge quality difference,lot of talkings in Tetovo that Teteks made this dream team only to win cup and go in europe and maybe it is true..

p.s tomorrow i will be out for whole day because it is big holiday for us ,that means no usefull infos and no free and vip picks. Also I wont be able to answer on messages .

Monday, April 29, 2013

monday usefull infos

England Premier League
Aston Villa - Sunderland

A.Villa without Dunne(df 0/0),Herd(mf 9/0),Gardner(mf 1/0),Petrov(mf 0/0) and Albrighton(mf 9/0) -all of them long term injured.
Sunderland without Brown(df 0/0),Cattermole(mf 10/0) and best striker Fletcher(att 28/11 top scorer).Bramble(df 16/0,Bardsley(df 15/0) and Wickham(att 10/0) are questionable!

Alanya - Krasnodar

Alanya without Tikhiy(df 0/0),Gabulov(mf 3/0) and Rudnei(mf 16/0).
Krasnodar without Sinisyn(first gk 15/0),Drincic(mf 17/1) and Martynovich(df 17/2).

Sweden Superettan
Brage - Ljungskile

Brage without Akervall,Rosell and Eboagwu.
Ljungskille without Josemar,Bennhage,Campbell and Bakaki

Orebro - Varberg

Orebro without Sandqvist,Wiktorsson,Atashkadeh.
Varberg without Bala,Bjork and Tankovic

Jonkopings - Angelholms

Jonkopings without Siwe.
Angelholms without Olsson,Asaad,Nilsson,Lindh and Eishold,doubtful are Westerblad and Augustsson

Maritimo - Benfica 2 @1.45

Maritimo without Luiz(mf 10/0),Roberge(df 25/1 suspended) and Adilson(att 10/2).
Benfica miss only Gaitan(att 20/3). 3 rounds till end of season (benfica have 1 match less than 2nd placed porto,that match is vs maritimo today!) ,benfica have to win if they want to have sure point distance.

Betis - La Coruna

Betis without Casto(gk 6/0),Paulao(df 19/2),Molins(mf 3/0),Vilarchao(mf 1/0) and Pabon(att 11/5).
La Coruna fighting to avoid relegation,today without Laure(df 11/0),Marchena(df 22/2) and Salomao(mf 10/1)

Austria Eerste Liga
A.Lustenau - Horn

Horn fighting to avoid relegation,A.Lustenau playing for nothing. every season A.Lustenau have high ambitions for promotion but every season they finish like 2nd .. that is because their owners dont want this team in higher division,fans are very dissapointed about that,this season A.Lustenau have best team in league (if we look at the players) but again same thing like in last 2 seasons ....
A.Lustenau without Salomon(mf 24/6) and Boller(mf 18/2). Durr(mf 29/3) and Silva(att 26/13 top scorer) are doubtful.
Horn miss Petermann(gk 1/0 and Dilic(att 20/0)

Brno - Ostrava

Brno without Avdic(df 0/0),Husar(df 21/0),Mezlik(mf21/3) and Glaser(mf 14/2).
Ostrava without Mach(df 18/1),Zawada(df 13/0),Stary(Df 4/0) and Sverkos(at 4/0)

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Basket BG
Levski - Beroe
Levski full,they have maybe the best team in league..
beroe again without 3 best players Reginald(C 21,5ppg),Will Walker(PF 14,0ppg) and Mitchell Carter(SF 8,6ppg). Radev(11,7ppg) is questionable.
levski -18ah @1.88 (pinnacle) ft 89-69http://www.betexplorer.com/basketball/bulgaria/nbl/nextmatch.php?matchid=1626797

Romania II
R.Valcea - UTA Arad dnb2 @1.5  ft 2-0

R.Valcea without  Neagoe(mf 16/1), N'Kongue(att 15/3),Apostol(df 4/0),Daouda(mf 11/0),Eremia(df 9/0),Plecanciuc(df 16/1).
good relationships between their Valcea's boss and UTA Arad's boss. UTA Arad fighting for promotion ..

Biel - Locarno , locarno +1ah @1.57 , x2 @2.1 or 2 @4.5
locarno is weakest team in league but today they have good chances to do something,question is why?
because biel will use youngsters.. locarno is weak team but they should use experience which is on their side in this case.
wrong info !!!

Palermo - Inter 1 @2.4 ft 1-0

palermo fighting to avoid relegation,inter fighting for europe.
inter's absnce list now is longer (13 players) .. out are: Castelazzi(gk 2/0),Samuel(df 16/1),Gargano(mf 28/0),Nagatomo(df 23/0),Cambiasso(mf 29/3),Guarin(mf 28/4 ,4th scorer),Mbaye(df 0/0),Stankovic(mf 3/0),Obi(mf 2/0),Mudingayi(mf 9/0),Cassano(att 27/7 ,3rd scorer),Millito(att 20/9 ,2nd scorer) and Palacio(att 25/12 top scorer)

many suspecious matches between them
8+ lol , ft 4-4
2/1 & 7+. ft 4-3
2/1 , ft 3-2
1/2 . ft 1-2
8+a gain lolz . ft 5-3
just click on result ;)

some crazy bets 

over 4,5 goals @7.50 (betvictor)
1 & over 2,5 goals @4.20

and logical bet: 1 @2.4

Milan - Catania

both teams miss first goalkeepers.
Milan without Abbiati(first gk 24/0),Zapata(df 20/0),Ambrosini(mf 18/0) and De Jong(mf 12/1).
Catania without Andujar(first gk 33/0),Bellusci(df 24/0),Spolli(df 25/1),Alvarez(df 26/0) and Sciacca(mf 2/0)

Belgium 2
KSV Roeselare - KSV Oudenaarde

last round Roeselare playing for nothing they are in middle of table and for them season is finished..Oudenaarde need win today to stay in league! distance between them is just 50km.

in roeselare's team: 
Di Lallo(att 30/4) , Joos(mf 5/0), Declercq(df 33/3), Voskanian(mf 15/0) en Serebrennikov(mf 12/0) are injured. Bouhna(mf 15/1) is suspended

Turnovo - Teteks ,teteks +1ah @1.83  
ft 2-0


value odds
Turnovo is small team from one small village near Strumica. Main person in this team is Orce Todorov he is investing lot of money in this club,he want his club in europe and they will go there for sure.
before 2 years Orce want to leave club but somehow other peoples have convice him and he stay in club.
Turnovo have sponsors from all over the Macedonia .. Turnovo still dont meets all conditions but Orce Todorov promise if they catch some of first 3 places he will give money for that.

imo Turnovo will end like 3rd because they dont have strong team,they have 3-4 players who lead this team,if some of those 4 players are playing bad than whole team play bad ... Vardar will finish like 1st i am 99% sure of that (they have strong players,lot of money and powerfull sponsors (Skopje's major!) ) ,2nd will be Metalurg.

Teteks have very good team,fighting to avoid relegation but their main target is CUP! Teteks have good relationships with some clubs and if owners want club in this league i am sure they will safe Teteks.

no important missings in both sides

value odds Teteks +1ah

Botev Pl. - Litex dnb1 @1.5
 ft 1-0litex owner have lot of debts and if he isnt in litex club will be in 3rd division!
Botev Pl. have great team,lot of fans and powerfull owner (which is very important). I wrote before sometime that Litex this season dont have ambitions for europe,so fight is between CSKA and Botev Pl.
botev miss vander(att 22/6)
litex miss 4 players.

Cherno More - Gotse Delchev 1 @1.5  ft 5-1
to low odds maybe bookies know something what we dont.

I told before few weeks that Cherno More have powerfull owners but i was busy and cant write much about them,but now i have lot of free time and i will tell you some things ...

Cherno More will stay in league and they will avoid relegation,believe me!
now something about their owners.
Ivo Kamenov and TIM are owners on Cherno More. Ivo Kamenov invest lot of money in this club,every season Ivo gave around 5-6 milions .. of course when Ivo gave money he want some results but because board and players arent enough quality and cant get good results alone some of Ivo's peoples beat referees,gave them money,threat them etc etc.
Venstislav (lok.sofia's president) talk about that in one interview >> LINK

before start of season this two teams play one friendly match
http://www.betexplorer.com/soccer/world/club-friendly-2012/matchdetails.php?matchid=1392635 2/1 .. that show us that there are some good relationships between them.

Travnik - Velez Mostar

Head-to-head: Travnik - Velez Mostar
Premier League 2012/2013
Velez MostarTravnik6:01.553.765.1620.10.2012
Premier League 2011/2012
TravnikVelez Mostar3:21.474.015.2821.04.2012
Velez MostarTravnik4:11.254.868.5924.09.2011
Premier League 2010/2011
Velez MostarTravnik1:01.433.945.8616.04.2011
TravnikVelez Mostar5:11.424.295.3519.09.2010
Premier League 2009/2010
TravnikVelez Mostar2:11.394.625.3827.02.2010
Velez MostarTravnik5:01.175.6310.0001.08.2009
Premier League 2008/2009
TravnikVelez Mostar3:01.504.294.5202.05.2009
Velez MostarTravnik1:
Premier League 2007/2008
Velez MostarTravnik2:11.126.7510.2505.04.2008
TravnikVelez Mostar2:01.334.337.0022.09.2007

maybe 1 @2.00 ??