Thursday, February 28, 2013


february was little bad month for us ... in VIP we have some "good" profit with +12 units and +10% yeild (110% roi).
i hope March will be profitable month for us and of course more luck on our side!

Gloria Bistrita - Ceahlaul

i wrote before 1 month about Gloria's problems ... they still have it,i watch last match they play open football and conceded easy 3 goals... Ceahlaul is better team and if match is "clear" they should won,but h2h is very suspecious and it is unpredictible.
no bet for me.

Hockey, Snezhnye Barsy - Bars;2
this two teams met yesterday Snezhnye 1-4 Bars nothing have changed,Snezhnye still have financial problems and some of players are refusing to play this match because of unpaid wages.
Bars is solid team with quality players and should won this match easy.
Bars-1,5ah @1.65 (bet365)

Ukraine Basket
BC Kiev - Azovmash Mariupol , Azovmash Mariupol -18,5ah @1.88 (10bet) ; 1.85 (unibet)

BC Kiev is worst team in league,they have just 7 wins in 33 matches ... now they have some financial problems + problems inside the team!! three best players and top scorers (americans) left team!
Anthony Goods(C 17,2ppg),Jarrod Jones(PF 13,9ppg) and Jastin Robinson(SF 10,7ppg) -3 top scorers,3 best players,3 leaders of team LEFT TEAM!!


Azovmash Mariupol is currently 2nd on table. huge quality diference on their side,they should won this easily.


Basket Austria
Oberwart - Gussing

h2h is very suspecious,time for away win,odds are very tasty 3.70 ,worth a try.
Head-to-head: Oberwart Gunners - Güssing Knights
ABL 2012/2013
Güssing KnightsOberwart Gunners75:951.871.8408.02.2013
Oberwart GunnersGüssing Knights56:611.432.6824.11.2012
ABL 2011/2012
Güssing KnightsOberwart Gunners72:712.891.3725.03.2012
Oberwart GunnersGüssing Knights98:801.214.0026.02.2012
Güssing KnightsOberwart Gunners98:912.201.6106.01.2012
Oberwart GunnersGüssing Knights76:621.702.0424.10.2011
ABL 2010/2011
Güssing KnightsOberwart Gunners81:672.581.4502.01.2011
Oberwart GunnersGüssing Knights95:691.067.4826.10.2010
ABL 2009/2010
Oberwart GunnersGüssing Knights92:96 ET1.115.7005.04.2010
Güssing KnightsOberwart Gunners52:7704.03.2010
Oberwart GunnersGüssing Knights79:911.125.5104.02.2010
Güssing KnightsOberwart Gunners80:892.851.3716.11.2009
ABL 2008/2009
Oberwart GunnersGüssing Knights83:9122.02.2009
Güssing KnightsOberwart Gunners70:8915.12.2008
ABL 2007/2008
Güssing KnightsOberwart Gunners63:8910.12.2007
Oberwart GunnersGüssing Knights74:7530.09.2007

Bulgaria A
Slavia Sofia - Botev Plovdiv 2 @2.1

quality on away side.
Slavia Sofia have problems with absences,many players are unavailable for this match!
for different reasons out are: Чавдар Янков(mf 6/0), Дайсуке Мацуи(mf 5/0), Тайсуке Акийоши(mf 11/0), Тодор Колев, Николай Дюлгеров(mf 0/0), Емил Петров(2nd gk 0/0) и Богомил Дяков(df 8/0)
while goalkeeper Георги Петков(first gk 15/0) is in hospital because he have virus (but probably will play)
also Zlatinov(att 15/3) left team ,he is now new Montana's player. Miroslav Antonov (new striker) is also uanvailable.
Botev Plovdiv is better team and they should won this match but pitch conditions are bad so small stakes on away win.

Basket Croatia
VROS Darda - Alkar 2 @1.5 (pinnacle ; betsson)

odds for away win dropping..
VROS Darda lost all chances for Champions League so board decide to terminate the contact with 2 key players.  Josip Glavinic(8,3ppg) and Meznauric(12,2ppg) ... another key player Mato Peraica(C 14,5 top scorer) is injured!!
Alkar is full of motivation,they want to win this match (if they win this match they will be sure). they have one player injured but that is no important because they have good bench.

France Ligue 2
Ajaccio - Monaco
Ajaccio without Davidas(Df 14/0),Rachidi(df 14/0),Seymand(mf 11/0) and Colloredo(att 24/4,2nd scorer)
Monaco without Wolf(df 17/2),Diarr(mf 25/1),Ribas(att 0/0) and Dumont(mf 6/0)

Dijon - Niort 1 @ 2.1

quality on home side,Dijon is much better team.
Dijon without Remy(df 10/0),souprayen(df 21/0),Varrault(df 19/0),AChour(mf 1/0),thil(att 4/1),Courgnaud(att 0/0) and Philippoteaux(att 7/1). just 3 of them are regular first team players.
Niort have some important absences for this match,out are Lahaye(df 7/0),Letzelter(df 21/0 suspended),Glombard(mf 22/2),Courtot(df 0/0),Diaw(mf 19/2),Hebras(att 21/1),best midifler Gastien(mf 26/4 ,2nd scorer) and Durak(att 15/5 top scorer). 6 of them first team players!!
expect home win.

Germany Bundesliga 2
Paderborn - Cottbus

Paderborn without Wemmer(df 14/0),Gulde(df 13/1),Strohdiek(df 21/0) and Ornateli(mf 5/0).
Cottbus without Brzenska(df 0/0),Rivic(df 9/0),Farina(mf 14/1),Brinkmann(Mf 4/1),Borner(mf 14/1) and Stiepermann(att 18/2).

Union Berlin - Aue

U.Berlin without Kohlmann(df 17/0) and Galegos(Att 2/0).
Aue without Rau(df 8/0),Mitake(mf 0/0),Kern(att 0/0) and Sylvestr(att 22/6).

Czech Gambrinus
Ceske Budejovice - Sparta

Budejovice without Sandro(mf 16/1).
Sparta 2nd main candidate for title today without Jarosik(df 15/2) and Kaderbaik(mf 14/2).

Jihlava - Slovan Liberec

i wrote in last round that Jihlava will have problem with scoring goals in this half of season because main player Tecl(att 11/10 top scorer) left team. also two other strikers Sedlacek(att 14/0) and Mesanovic(att 11/0) are injured, same as Kucera(mf 13/1),Masopust(mf 1/0) and Kopic(df 0/0),Sourek(df 17/1) is injured.
Liberec change a lot of players... for this match unavailable is Toth(df 4/0),best striker Sural(att 12/6 top scorer) is questionable.

Hungaruy NB I
Pesci - MTK

home team have full squad available.
MTK without Csiki(att 15/6 top scorer).

Lech Poznan - Polonia
Lech is 2nd main candidate for title,they have just 1 point less than 1st placed Legia,they should win this match if they want to stay in title fight!!
Polonia is much weaker team than before (i wrote about that last week),team have financial problems and all key players left team.

copy/paste from my last analyse:
Polonia have financial problems. true they are 3rd on table but they arent so strong like first part of season anymore! reason is clear,because of financial problems many key players left team.
players who left team:  Edgar Cani(att 5/0 in Catania),best defender Tamasz Brzyski(df 14/3 in Legia),Marcin Baszczynski(df 12/0 in Ruch),Isisdoro(df 4/0 in Numancia),Baruchyan(df 1/0 in Hapoel Beer),Teodorczyk(att 13/6 ,2nd scorer in Lech) and  Vladimer Dvalishvili(att 15/7 top scorer in Legia)

Injac(mf 7/0) is still injured, + now another important player Kosozka(df 11/0) left team!!

quality and form on home side.