Friday, May 25, 2012

25.08 betting infos

25.08.2012 (sorry for late posting)


Romania - Netherlands
pick h2 +1,5ah(sets)
odd: 1.66(sbo)

Romania today without some realy important players 
Voinea, Olteanu, Gontariu, Stancu, Birau !!!
Romania decide to build new team with young players ,and today (like yesterday) will play without some firstteam players! Their "new" team is still very young and they didnt play much time together so they will need time!

Netherlands have solid team!
(this is my pick from betrush)


Austria(am) - Admira(am)

Austria(am)  ////
Admira(am) will have 7-8 players from first Admira team!

GAK - Leoben 

Gak without Nutz(mf 23/2),M.Stenier(mf 17/1),Murg(att 24/11)
Leoben without Tomas(def 19/2),Rinnhofer(def 20/0),Briza(mf 23/5),Kerek(att 20/8) and Rotensteiner(att 21/14,best player/top scorer)

Mattersburg(am) - Parndorf 

Mattersburg(am) will have 5 players from first Mattersburg team
Parndorf without first gk Petermann(gk 17/0)<Jusits(mf 25/7,best player),Salamon(att 5/0)

Solleau  - Horn

Sollenau without Feurer(df 22/0) and Marinkovic(mf 12/0)
Horn without Friess(df 29/0)


Egypet - Turkey

Egypet without Gokka
Turkey -none

Croatia - Estonia

Croatia's coach said that he will give chance to some reserve players to prove him!
Croatia squad Subašić, Vida, Ćorluka, Schildenfeld, Strinić, Iličević, Dujmović, Rakitić, Perišić, Kalinić, Eduardo
Estonia squad  Londak, Jaager, Rahn, Kalvan, Kruglov, Vunk, Vasiljev, Teniste, Lindpere, Saag, Voskobojnikov

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