Saturday, May 26, 2012

26.05 Hungary last round!

last round Hungary missing players
[Gyor dont have licence for Europe,so 4th place team will play in Europe next year!!)

Paks vs Ferencevaros

both teams are full!

Pecs vs Honeved

Pecs without: Todorovic(df 20/1),O.Nagy(mf 23/4,key player!),Markovic(df 6/0),Scepanovic(mf 24/0)
Honeved without: Novak(df 12/1),Tchami(mf 25/1),Hadzic(att 7/0)

Siofok vs Kecskemeti
(maybe 3for3 game,but not sure ...) [last game 2/1 ... 1-2ht,3-2ft!] Kecskemeti need points to reach place for Europe!

Siofok full!
Kecskemeti without: Gyagya(df 13/0),Bori(mf 18/1),Sindou

Diosgyor vs Vasas

Diosgyor without:
Rados(first gk 20/0),Tajti(gk 2/0),Rakovic(df 10/0),Dobos(mf 9/0),Fernando(mf 10/1),Bogati(mf 1/0),Budonvinszky(mf 19/5,key player). LUQUE(mf 26/9 best player,top scorer) is doubtfull!
Vasas without:Gyepes(df 4/0),Takacs(df 9/1),Gorgeny(df 7/1),Simek(mf 6/1),Matolcsi(mf 1/0),Baranyos(mf 29/4,key player),Kiss(mf 5/0),Hercegfalvi(att 7/0),Venczel(att 0/0)

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