Wednesday, October 16, 2013

16/10 infos

Ireland Premier League
Limerick - Shelbourne  after this lost bet on Shelbourne I will never bet on them anymore ... (they have leading 2-0 and at the end 2-2 ...)

2 rounds till end of season , Limerick in middle of table ,they are playing for nothing just for their fans and that is the problem for Shelbourne ... this is last match on home ground for Limerick so probably they will want to finish season with win ...

few suspecious matches between them
-- 7+
-- 1/2
-- 2/1

Limerick without Oji(df 6/00,Folan(mf 30/1),Purcell(df 2/0),McGann(att 3/0),Tracy(mf 22/6) and Galbraith(mf 28/0).
Shelbourne without Memery(df 16/0),Shortall(df 20/1),Cronin(mf 12/0),Bayly(mf 17/0),Brennan(mf 27/2) and Leech(att 17/1)
no bet for me.

Brazil Serie A
Atletico PR - Atletico MG

same names but this is not derby , they are not rival teams. distance is huge.
Atletico Pr without Rocha(df 3/0),Alberto(df 23/1) and Dellatorre(Att 16/3)
lot of missings for guests , out are; Victor(first gk 23/0),Silva(df 22/1),Richarlyson(df 12/0),Rever(df 18/0),Gilberto Silva(df 6/0),Michael(df 10/0),Guilherme(mf 10/0),RONALDINHO(mf 13/5),Pierre(mf 22/0),Datolo(mf 8/1) and best striker Jo(att 15/5)

Gremio - Corinthians free preview!!!!

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