Friday, October 18, 2013

friday 18/10 picks & infos

Almere - Eindhoven

Almere is full , no injuries or suspensions.
Eindhoven with some important missings,3 top scorers are missings!! out are: N'Toko(df 10/3 key defender),Gunst(df 9/0),Driest(mf 5/0),Deschilder(mf 12/1),Makiavala(att 6/4 top scorer) and van den Hurk(att 12/4 top scorer).

Den Bosch - Excelsior

pick: Excelsior +0ah
odds: 2.22 (12bet;dafabet) ; 2.19 (sbobet);2
FT 3-2 pick lost

form and quality is on away side.
Den Bosch without long term injured Appels(first gk 1/0),Stam(key defender 1/0) and van Weert(att 0/0 ,last season top scorer). also out are; Vicente(df 8/0),Bakx(att 7/0),Vogel(mf 7/1),de Bock(df 11/1) and Hofstede(df 11/0) !!!
real problem for Den Bosch is in defence because 3 central defenders are missing (Stam,Bock and Hofstede) !!!! so probably Casper(df 3/0) and Vitenheuis(df 2/0) will play on CD positions ... they are reserve players who are 3rd choice for coach but in this situation coach must use them ....

Excelsior usually play with 3 strikers , they have two amazing strikers Hutten and Veldwijk! interesting is that Hutten is playing like RWF (right side) and Den bosch is missing LB Vicente (left back) ....

imo this odds are mistake .. den bosch is in bad form , have important missings in defence , playing bad in last rounds .. Excelsior start good this period (probably you know that league is on periods they have 2w-0d-1l this period if they win this match they will go in top 3 places of this period!!!)


Steaua - V.Costanca 1 @1.19
FT 4-0 pick WON

last season Steaua gave 3 points to Vitorul (owners are friends) , for that match Steaua's boss go in prison because it was fixed match (FT 2-5 ...) everybody was betting on away win ....
now I think it is time for pay back , steaua need win for their morale before CL match so home win is banker.


  1. the owner of steaua is in prison for other problems : exchange of land... This 2-5 was fixed, but today maybe another fixed...for me isn't a banker.

  2. Lol,come on...he isn't in prison for fixing that match! If people who fix matches would be sentenced,we were out of room in jails!

  3. I read that in one macedonian site last year after the match , that site said that Becali is in prison because of fixing that match and I thought all this time that he is in prison for match fixing LOOOL :D