Tuesday, October 15, 2013

free picks 15/10

West Auckland - Hednesford
pick: Hednesford
odds: 1.85 (betvictor) 

FT 2-2 pick lost (Hednesford have 2 red cards what should we expect)

quality difference is huge , away team is much better,they showed that in first match!
Hednesford is 1st on table in Conference league , they have few quality players like Durell(mf 10/13) and Harvey(att 10/3) who make difference on field! also here is Francis in defence who have premier league experience!!!

West Auckland is weak and young team from 7th league ...

take a look what was happening in first match http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvDwFlS8r5k
Hednesford have so many good chances but at the end result was just 2-2 !!!
Hednesford probably miss 5 clear chances just in 1st half!! In 2nd half they have also 5-6 good chances (and they score 2 goals)

West Auckland score 1 goal from counter attack , shoot from 25metres .. (I would say lucky goal) and the 2nd goal was in last minutes from a lucky situation ......

today I expect Hednesford to create their chances in goals and to win this without problems!

Klagenfurt - Vienna Capitals

pick: Vienna -1ah
odds: 1.83 (5dimes) ; 1.78 (pinnacle) 

FT 3-7 pick WON easy!
again Klagenfurt and again against them!

problems for team are not even bigger , 7 players are still out but now they have 2 more important players who are questionable!

Lundmark(key player), Spurgeon(FW 1/1), Geier(FW 5/0), Harand(FW 6/0), Lammers(FW 9/4), Schellander(FW 10/2) and Scofield(FW 8/2) are OUT.
key player Fretter(FW 8/4) and Schuller(FW 11/1) are questionable!!

Klagenfurt in last two matches have goal difference 0:10 (kac 0:3 salzburg , salzburg 7:0 kac) ... while Vienna won salzburg big 9-1 !!!

first match Vienna 4:1 Klagenfurt (in that match Klagenfurt most of this players are lost , what will happen now without them !?!? )
also good bet is Vienna -1,5ah @ 2.10 (paddypower) but limits are low.

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