Thursday, October 24, 2013

26/10 free early pick

Today I will go in Skopje and I will come back in sunday , so no picks till sunday. this is one early bet with good info , good luck and hear you soon.

Croatia 1 NHL
Zadar - RNK Split

pick: 2
odds: 2.20 (bet365)
FT 0-1 pick WON

value odds

RNK Split make very good team this season but they started season very bad and that is the reason why now they have 8 points less than leading teams...
RNK Split in last round won champion Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 , before that they draw vs strong Hajduk on away ground 0-0 , vs strong Rijeka they played 1-1 ... so when you see this results you will understand that RNK Split is really good this season

Zadar is just one average team who will fight to stay in league this season.

for those who believe in 3for3 matches here is something interesting ---
I see one good cooperation between this two teams.
Head-to-head: Zadar - RNK Split
1. HNL 2013/2014
RNK SplitZadar1:31.314.529.1009.08.2013
1. HNL 2012/2013
ZadarRNK Split2:22.343.192.7426.05.2013
ZadarRNK Split1:02.583.072.5508.12.2012
RNK SplitZadar3:11.433.986.5615.09.2012
1. HNL 2011/2012
ZadarRNK Split2:
RNK SplitZadar3:11.463.766.6901.10.2011
1. HNL 2010/2011
RNK SplitZadar3:21.573.635.0607.05.2011
ZadarRNK Split1:

SEASON 2010/11 
first match Zadar 1-0 Split
(before that match Split was high on 3rd place while Zadar need points to escape from relegation zone , Zadar win with funny penalty in 93min) watch here :D

second match Split 3-2 Zadar
(so many funny mistakes from both defences ... in that match Split with win secure europe league place and they won easy.) watch highlights here.

SEASON 2011/12
second match in season Zadar 2-1 Split (ht 0-1)
zadar need points to stay in league and they make 2/1 - really suspecios!

SEASON 2012/13
last match in last season Zadar 2-2 Split 
obiviosly fixed for Zadar to stay in league because they needed just one point. with that draw teams continue cooperation 4for4.

this season start with an away win for Zadar with really high odds! pretty suspecios. Now it is time for RNK Split's win. also quality is on their side!!


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