Friday, October 4, 2013


Derry City - Shelbourne

Derry without Stewart Greacen(df 6/0) and Kevin Deery(mf 9/0)
Shelbourne without Glen Cronin(mf 12/0), Paul Crowley(mf 9/0), Brian Shortall(df 20/1), Mark Leech(att 17/1), Jack Memery(df 15/0).

UC Dublin - St.Patricks

quality on away side.
Dublin fighting to stay in league, St.Patricks have to win to keep 1st place on table!
UCD have some important missings , out are: Boyel(df 18/0),Matherws(df 23/1),Connor(df 28/3),Russel(df 25/1),Langrty(mf 18/0) and Morisson(att 13/4)

last 4 h2h matches
Head-to-head: UC Dublin - St. Patricks
FAI Cup 2013     
St. PatricksUC Dublin4:
Premier League 2013     
St. PatricksUC Dublin5:
UC DublinSt. Patricks0:16.793.801.4812.04.2013
Premier League 2012     
St. PatricksUC Dublin5:01.434.086.8701.10.2012
St.Patricks is dominating.

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