Thursday, October 25, 2012

Austria Regionalliga

Austria Regionalliga Central
Kalsdorf - Vocklamarkt

Kalsdorf have full squad available
Vocklamarkt without Peter(att 0/0),Hasenhorl(mf 3/0) and Mayer(mf 6/0)

Sturm (Am) - SKA Klagenfurt
Sturm without: Habjanic(df 0/0) and Rantfl(mf 13/0)
SAK without Aleksic(mf 13/1) and best player Jolic(mf 13/6 top scorer).

Villach - Pasching 
Paschinghave great team and they are in great form!
Villach without Strielding(df 5/0),Isspo(df 6/3) and Steiner(Df 8/0).
Pasching without Hinterberger(mf 5/1),Staudecker(df 0/0) and Hofler(gk 5/0).

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