Saturday, October 20, 2012

strong insider!! and few other infos
CheGuevara on facebook from today!! if you have any questions now you can contact me on facebook also!

Hockey European Trophy
HV 71 - Jyp 2 @3.15 (nordicbet)
stake: 3/10

HV 71 today will play with juniors!!!
HV 71's coach said: Med tanke på att vi inte vet om vi kommer ha spelare i landslaget samtidigt som slutspelet spelas, så kommer vi testa väldigt många juniorer imorgon. Use google translate to understand text.
also i ask one my hockey expert and he said that info is right and Jyp have good chances so we should try this!


Peru Primera Division
Alianza Lima - Leon De Huanuco 

3for3 match,clear corporation. This season both teams have to won 4 points (so this season they will play 4 for 4)
2010 they played 3for3 ,2011 also ,now there are new rules in league ...
odds on Leon De Huanuco 5.20 .. worth to try.

Head-to-head: Alianza Lima - León de Huánuco
Primera Division 2012
León de HuánucoAlianza Lima1:21.933.233.6218.08.2012
León de HuánucoAlianza Lima0:01.753.434.1917.06.2012
Alianza LimaLeón de Huánuco2:21.523.695.6818.02.2012
Primera Division 2011
León de HuánucoAlianza Lima2:01.973.133.5506.11.2011
Alianza LimaLeón de Huánuco2:11.473.855.8012.05.2011
Primera Division 2010
Alianza LimaLeón de Huánuco4:31.673.454.3830.05.2010
León de HuánucoAlianza Lima1:

Waterpolo Champions League
Jug CO - Kreuzlingen
huge quality diference!
Jug CO is in great form!
Kreuzlingen is bad team,with weak players!
Last 2 matches
Olympiakos 15-5 Kreuzlingen
 Crvena Zvezda 26-7 Kreuzlingen

expect big home win!

Dep.Cali - Patriotas
Dep Cali must win if they want to be part of play off!!
Patriotas is weak team and imo they will relegate,they are in bad form. Today without Berio(att 10/2),Viafara(gk 2/0),Pico(mf 13/0) . doubtful is Lazaga(10 goals).

Uniautonoma - Cortulua
Cortulua worst away team in league. Uniautonoma is in good form 6 matches without a lost.


  1. Nice job on Peruan Game, I make some of it... althoug I m allwas sorry not to try ht/ft turnovers on those kind of games... clear fix :D
    And again, you misscalculated it's 5 for 5 game! :)

  2. congrats! yes it should be 5for5 not 4for4!