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Croatia 1 NHL
Cibalia - Dinamo Zagreb
Cibalia will have huge fan support today! Dinamo Zagreb today with mixed squad!

Dinamo Zagreb first line up: K
elava;Vrsaljko,Puljic,Simunic,Pivaric;Brozovic,Callelo,Kovacic,Carrasco,Ibanez and Bequirai(att 10/1).

Dinamo Zagreb without Peko(df 7/0 first team player),Ademi(mf 9/0 first team player),key striker Rukavina(att 9/2 ,3rd scorer),best player Sammir(mf 12/10 top scorer) and Cop(att 11/5 ,2nd scorer).

Cibalia miss Bartolovic(att 12/3 top scorer)...
So both teams without top scorers.. we should expect low scoring game i think.

Sweden Division 1 Sodra

Bunkeflo - Utsikens 1 @1.5
Bunkeflo desperate need win if they want to stay in league just take a look at table !
Utsikens is playing for nothing. Out are Neves(mf 1/0),Angelin(mf 8/1) and Anderson(mf 16/1).
FT 2-1 won

Colorado Rapids - Houston
Colorado is 3rd from bottom in Western Conference with 33 points!
Houston is 5th on table in Eastern Conference with 53 points!
quality is on away side!
Colorado today have problem with missing players! Out are Pickens(first gk 32/0),Wahl(df 4/0),Wallace(df 0/0),Mullan(mf 28/2),Mastroeni(mf 2/0) and Edu(att 9/0). Questionable for this match are: Cascio(mf 28/3),Larentowicz(mf 31/3),Neil(mf 1/0),Casey(att 18/2) and Cummings(att 27/6 ,2nd scorer).

Handball SEHA Liga
Borac - Izvidac
Borac is much weaker than last season! Coach and all key players left team.. Now they are 6 matches without a win.. + Borac have lot of problem in team because of injuries!  Obradovic,Mikic,Mandic,Vranjes and Trivundza are injured ...
quality is on away side.

handball Germnay
Lubbecke - Essen
quality and form on home side!
Essen miss 3 very important players,out are Pieczkowski(back ,7 goals),Rahmel(wing ,38 goals ,top scorer) and Poter(back, 15 goals).
Essen have 10 lost matches in a row!

Ukraine Premier League
Tavirya - Shakhtar
Sakhtar is doing great job!! They dominate in Ukraine Premier League + play excellent in Champions League!! In last match before 3 days in Champions League they beat Chelseas 2-1 totaly deserved!! Players are litle tired after that match so today Shakthar's coach Lucescu will rotate team!!

Croatia NHL 2
Radnik - Solin
Solin have problems with missing players! 4 regular first team players wont play! out are Cerina,Radovinkovic,Vukusic and Bozinkovic.

Gradacac - Sarajevo
Gradacac is playing solid on home ground. In last their 4 mutual matches when Gradacac was host Sarajevo is without wiN!

FK Sarajevo

FK Sarajevo

FK Sarajevo

FK Sarajevo

Sarajevo is 1st on table,they have strong team with experience.
Gradacac have full squad available! Sarajevo without Suljic(att 8/1),Diatta(att 1/0),Sunjarevic(mf 9/0) and Comor(df 3/1).

Radnik - CelikRadnik is without win in last 4 matches .. They play 0-0 in Cup match before 3 days,in that match coach use mixed team.
Celik also play one hard match before only 3 days in CUP ,but coach Jagodic rest first team players in that match!
Today Celik have problem with missing players  Brkovic(df 9/0),Markovic(Df 5/0),Kuduzovic(Df 6/0),Bajraktarevic(mf 10/0) and Dedic(mf 3/0) are injured and wont play today,Barac(mf 9/2) is doubtful.

Celik's coach Jagodic: "We have many injured players but even without them we won last match with Zrinjski and now our self confidense is on high level "

Hungary NB I

Haladas - Pesci
Haladas have 4 players suspended  + 2 injured for this match!
Injured are: Toth(df 3/0) and Korlozovsky(df 3/0). Suspended are: Feher(df 9/0),Simon(mf 3/0),Iszlai(mf 11/3 ,2nd scorer) and best midifler Halmosi(mf 11/2). 5 regular first team players are out it could be problem for Haladas.

England League Two
Torquay - Morecambe
Away team Morecambe have problem in attacking line up for today!!
Ellison(att 12/3 ,2nd scorer) and Brodie(att 12/2 ,4th scorer) are suspended,while other 2 strikers Alessandra(att 10/1) and Redshaw(att 12/5 top scorer) are very doubtfull ... Carlton(att 2/0) and Therfall(df 10/0) are injured and wont play.
Torquay is great on home ground 4w-3d-0l .

Accrington - Bristol Rovers
After 4 lost matches in a row Accrington decide to change the coach! Now they bring Paul Cook at the manager's position and he should bring positive results,this will be his debut!
Bristol is in injury crisis! 9 players are out due to injury!
Injured are: Virgo(df 10/0),Kenneth(df 8/1),Bevan(gk 0/0),Woodards(df 0/0),Gill(mf 9/0),Riordan(att 3/0),Bolger(df 1/0) and Smith(df 8/0). + Parkes(df 11/1) is suspended

Finland Veikaussliga
Marienhamn - MyPa
lot of snow on Marienhamn's stadium. Match wont be postponed so we should expect low scoring match or?
Mariehamn miss Trafford(df 30/0)
MyPa miss Koskinen(df 24/0)

JJK - HJK 2 @1.7
HJK need only point to win the title,but i think they will go on win today!
JJK playing for nothing,without motivation,coach maybe will make some rotations in first line up! Few important players like Saskela(df 9/1),Gelderen(df 23/2),korte(mf 11/0),Makkanen(att 14/7 ,4rd scorer) and Wusu(att 20/10 ,2nd scorer) are injured. Also coach have problems with goalkeepers position, Szerovay(second gk 0/0) and Korhonen(first gk 32/0) are doubtfull....
FT 3-6 won

Henan - Dalian Shide
both teams desperate need points to stay in league!
Henan is last on table with 26 points. Dalian Shide is 3rd from bottom with 31 point!!
Dalian Shide have bigger problems today,they are in bad form 7 lost matches in a row + today have few important missings! Out are Park(df 25/3),Honglue(df 19/1),Feng(mf 24/1),Esteves(mf 7/0) and best striker Kamburov(10 goals,top scorer).

Dalian Aerdin - Shangai Shenua
Dalian won last two matches,atmhpsfere in team is good. On home ground they are doing great job 6w-7d-1l.  No missings in Dalian's team!
Situation in Shangai is bad! Star players wont play today! Anelka(att 22/3 ,3rd scorer),Drogba(att 10/7 top scorer) and Moreno(mf 12/2) wont play today.
On away ground they are very bad 1w-8d-5l (10 matches without a win!)

Ukraine 2 Division
Dynamo Kiev B - Oleksandriya
Oleksandriya is first candidate for promote!! Currently they are 2nd on table with 33 points!! They are in great form,11 matches without a lost (6w-5d)...
Dynamo Kiev B is weak team,full of youngsters! 9 lost matches in a row. Worst home team 0w-1d-9l !
quality,form,experience on away side!

Titan - Bukovyna
2,5 under or home win.
both teams play on counter attacks.
Titan score just 6 goals in 7 home matches,Bukovnya score just 3 goals in 7 away matches ...

very short h2h but it looks like corporation,everytime when Titan is at home results is 1-0 ...

Argentina Primera Division
Newwlls Old Boys - Arsenal Sarandi 
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Head-to-head: Newells Old Boys - Arsenal Sarandi
Primera Division 2011/2012
Arsenal SarandiNewells Old Boys1:12.632.932.7224.04.2012
Newells Old BoysArsenal Sarandi0:
Primera Division 2010/2011
Newells Old BoysArsenal Sarandi2:
Arsenal SarandiNewells Old Boys0:
Primera Division 2009/2010
Arsenal SarandiNewells Old Boys0:22.843.132.3730.04.2010
Newells Old BoysArsenal Sarandi1:21.463.827.0906.12.2009
Primera Division 2008/2009
Newells Old BoysArsenal Sarandi1:11.643.455.0430.05.2009
Arsenal SarandiNewells Old Boys1:
Primera Division 2007/2008
Newells Old BoysArsenal Sarandi4:116.03.2008
Arsenal SarandiNewells Old Boys1:001.09.2007

San Martin SJ - Atl.Rafaela 1 @2.1

another corporation in Primera Division
This two teams are corporating long time ago. In 2010/2011 both teams promote in Primera Division and they continue their corporation.
Atletico without Bovaglio,Grazzini and Eluchans

Head-to-head: San Martin S.J. - Atl. Rafaela
Primera Division 2011/2012
Atl. RafaelaSan Martin S.J.3:12.332.993.0708.04.2012
San Martin S.J.Atl. Rafaela2:12.663.022.6225.09.2011
Primera B Nacional 2010/2011
Atl. RafaelaSan Martin S.J.4:
San Martin S.J.Atl. Rafaela1:
Primera B Nacional 2009/2010
Atl. RafaelaSan Martin S.J.0:
San Martin S.J.Atl. Rafaela2:21.803.283.8730.09.2009
Primera B Nacional 2008/2009
Atl. RafaelaSan Martin S.J.0:019.04.2009
San Martin S.J.Atl. Rafaela2:013.10.2008
Primera B Nacional 2006/2007
Atl. RafaelaSan Martin S.J.1:124.02.2007
San Martin S.J.Atl. Rafaela2:102.09.2006
Primera B Nacional 2005/2006
San Martin S.J.Atl. Rafaela0:023.04.2006
Atl. RafaelaSan Martin S.J.3:118.11.2005
Primera B Nacional 2004/2005
San Martin S.J.Atl. Rafaela1:127.03.2005
Atl. RafaelaSan Martin S.J.3:101.10.2004
Primera B Nacional 2002/2003
San Martin S.J.Atl. Rafaela0:025.05.2003
Atl. RafaelaSan Martin S.J.0:007.11.2002

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