Tuesday, December 31, 2013

01/01 basketball china 12:35

Bayi Rockets - Shandong 
pick: Shandong ML
odds: 1.76 (pinnacle)

still big injury problems in Bayi. 4-5 players injured , 3 of them are very important!!
Han Shuo(PG 12,7ppg - 2,7apg),Wang Lei(SF 8,9ppg - 3,9rpg),Tian Yuxiang(SG 7,0ppg-1,3rpg),Yang Qin(long term injured) and Hooker are OUT

Shandong is much better team,they have two american guys who are doing great Pooh Jeter(28,6ppg) and Harvey(13,0ppg), also here is great shooter Ding(SF 15,9ppg) and should won this easily


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