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free picks saturday

Scotland Premier League
Hearts - Inverness 2 @1.9 (sbobet)
FT 0-2 pick WON
Hearts is one of worsts team in league. You all know about their big financial problems before start of season,they stay without all best players from last season,now they have very weak team and you can see the results ... now situation is even worse because they have problems with absences!!!
in squad Hearts at this moment have 12 available players + 2 goalkeepers ...

here is what their coach said;
“At the start of the season we had 16 professionals along with the groundstaff boys. We’re now down to 12 outfield pros and two keepers. It’s certainly testing us but it’s a problem I thought we might always face and now we just have to deal with it.” (Daily Record)

Inverness is doing great,2nd on table,good form,good atmosfhere in team. They have to win because 3rd and 4th placed teams are just 3pts behind them.

DOUBLE BET (coventry + psg)
England League One
Coventry - Crewe 1 @1.5
one of best teams in league Coventry play vs Crewe (3rd from bottom)..
Coventry start this season with big financial problmes but i see that problems dont effect on the game play.. good news for Coventry is that Clarke(att 17/12 top scorer) is back in team!
problems in Crewe with absences. Etheridge(second gk 3/0),Philips(first gk 10/0),Turton(mf 9/1),Clayton(att 13/2),Oliver(att 16/1) and Pogba(att 0/0) are out. Colclough(mf 8/2) is doubtfull, also Crewe is playing very bad on away ground with only 5 scored goals..
now on goal will be 3rd gk Martin(6/0) - in all matches when he was on goal they always concede goals...
Rennes -PSG 2 @1.4 WON
before 3 days in Champions League match PSG rest key players for this match , they have to win thsi match! Rennes without Armand(df 14/0),Boye(df 1/0),Apam(df 0/0),Pajot(mf 8/1) and key midifler Kadir(mf 11/5).

total odds; 2.1 (bet365)

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Spain Segunda
Alves - Lugo
Alves without Sanchez(mf 15/0),Juanma(mf 9/0) and Laborda(att 4/0).
Lugo without Pavon(df 17/0),Diaz(att 13/0) and Rennella(att 12/6 top scorer)

England Championship
Blackpool - QPR
my favourite team from Championship Blackpool have two lost matches in a row,biggest problems for coach today are suspended players, Martinez(mf 14/0),Bishop(mf 17/1) and Fuller(att 15/4 ,2nd scorer) are suspended. Harris(df 3/0),Orr(df 4/0),MacKenzie(df 17/1) and Catchart(df 7/0) are injured.
QPR have best team in league,their target is 1st place and with this squad they should win it easily , problem for them is goal scoring because they dont have real striker , killing striker who will score regullary. Ok now Austin(9goals) is doing good but he is not scoring regullary.

England League One
Gillingham - Peterborough

Gillingham without Fish(df 1/0) and Fagan(att 3/0).
Peterborough withoutAlcock(df 16/0),Kearns(mf 10/0),Rowe(mf 15/3) and Swanson(mf 16/0)

Wolves - MK Dons

Wolves without Doherty(Df 13/1).
MK Dons without Bowditch(att 0/0),Otsembor(df 9/0),Alli(mf 11/1),Powell(att 10/1),McLeod(att 17/1) and Chadwick(mf 14/1)

Brentford - Oldham

Brentford full but coach left club.
Oldham without Jokts(df 0/0),Millar(att 5/0),Montano(att 10/2),Dayton(mf 17/2) and MacDonald(att 10/4 one of top scorers)

Poland Ekstraklasa
Gornik Zabreze - Lechia
Gornik without Danch(df 6/0),Magiera(df 0/0),Augustyn(df 4/),KOsznik(df 16/2),Sobolewski(mf 19/4),Nowak(mf 1/0).
Lechia without Pietrowski(mf 15/3),Machaj(mf 6/0) and Grzelczkak(att 20/5)

Slask - Piast
Slask without Dudu(df 19/2).
Piast without Krol(df 14/2), Trela(first gk 16/0) is doubtfull.

Korona - Podbeskidze

Korona without Lisowski(Df 9/0),Malarczyk(df 15/2),Kzera(mf 5/0) and Trytko(att 10/3)
Podbeskidze without Szymanek(df 3/0),Zeglen(att 5/1),Sloboda(mf 18/2)

Zawisza - Lech
zawisza very good on home ground,out are; Abbot(Att 4/0),MIcael(df 16/0) and Dudek(mf 17/1).
Lech withot Buric(gk 0/0 long term injured),Wolakiewicz(df 14/0),Ceesay(df 8/0),Claasen(mf 7/2),Ubiparip(att 7/3),Drewniak(mf 9/0),Murawski(mf 9/2) and Slusarski(att 19/2)

PAS Giannina - Ergotelis

PAS without MIchail(df 12/0),Keita(mf 9/0) and Lila(mf 14/0)
Ergotelis without Bambam(att 5/2) and Kiliaras(mf 4/0).

Platanias - Xanthi
Platanias without Cerra(df 2/0),Nazlidis(mf 7/4) and Moral(att 9/0).
Xanthi without Komesidis(Df 1/0) and Josemi(df 8/0)

Germany 2 Bundesliga
Cottbus - Dusseldorf

Cottbus without Mrowca(mf 1/0),Banovic(mf 16/3),Kruska(mf 17/2),Fomitsschow(mf 11/0),Rivic(mf 12/1),Farina(Att 1/0) and Stiepermann(att 15/3).
Dusseldorf without Schmidtgal(df 3/0),Bodzek(mf 10/0),Fink(mf 16/1),Kenia(mf 10/0),Bolly(att 11/0) and Bebou(att 1/0)

Bochum - Union Berlin

Bochum without Holthaus(df 2/0),Holthaus(df 2/0) and Bulut(mf 7/0).
Union Berlin without injured Jopek(mf 0/0),Razeek(att 0/0),Stuff(df 6/0) and SChonheim(df 16/0). suspended are; Ozbek(mf 11/0),Parensen(mf 16/0),Kohlmann(df 16/0) and Brandy(att 17/5)

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