Tuesday, December 17, 2013

18th december

Raja Casablanca - Atletico Mineiro
mineiro -1ah @1.72 (pinnacle)
FT 3-1 pick lost (raja killed them on counter attacks)


quality on away side, Raja Casablanca is just one average team from Morocco.  Raja Casablanca prefer defencive tactic and wait for counter attacks

Atletico Mineiro is strong team from Brazil with good squad and players like Ronaldinho, Jo, Tardeli ..
Atletico Mineiro came in Morocco yesterday so they wont have problems with adapting, Ronaldinho on the press said that their target is to win title in this competition and motivation is big. they came in morocco with strongest squad!

match will be played in Morocco but not on Raja Casablanca's stadium, it will be played on Stade de Markache.

in match Casablanca 2-1 Monterrey , casablanca was almost whole match playing in defence and waiting for counters , they score 1st goal thanks to gk mistake , while the 2nd goal for 2-1 was from corner kick.

France CupEvian TG - Bastia
evian -0,25ah @1.68 (pinnacle)
FT 2-1 pick WON

evian is going with strongest possible squad,no players resting.. they want win!
Bastia is not too much interested in this competition so they will go with mixed team,problems with absences,some players are injured , other suspended , some will be rested. out are; Landreau(first gk 18/0),Modesto(df 16/1),Palmieri(df 16/1),Squillaci(df 15/1),Diakite(mf 13/0),Ba(mf 8/1),Raspentino(att 8/2),Boudebouz(mf 16/3) and Bruno(att 14/3)
bastia on away ground this season 0w-4d-6l

Marseille - Toulouse
Marseille without Fanni(df 12/0),Morel(df 7/0),Valbuena(mf 16/1) and Ayew(att 10/2).
Toulouse without Ninkov(df 13/0),Moubandje(Df 3/0),Trejo(mf 15/1),Chantome(mf 14/0) and Zebina(df 7/0 suspended)

Lyon - Rennes
Lyon without Dabo(df 6/0),Ghezal(mf 0/0),Briand(att 9/3) and Bisevac(df 13/0 suspended). not called up; Vercoutre(gk 5/0),PLea(mf 6/0),Fekir(mf 5/0) and Mvuemba(mf 5/0).
Rennes without Tacalfred(df 16/0),Courtet(att 13/0),Malherbe(gk 0/0) and Rigonato(att 0/0). not called up Signorino(df 11/0),Ca(mf 5/0),Ghilas(att 1/0) and Krychoiak(mf 16/2).

Austria Bundesliga
Austria Wien - Ried

austria without Grunald(mf 7/2),Gorgon(att 4/1),Okotie(att 13/1),Kienstat(att 14/5).. few other are dobtful. Ried without Reiter(df 0/0),Riegler(df 15/0),Trauner(mf 11/0),Ziegl(mf 11/0) and Perstaller(att 14/3). Gebauer(first kg 19/0) is questionable.

Wiener - Wolfsberger
Wiener without Angeler(mf 1/0),Rakowitz(mf 3/0),Wallner(df 14/0),Freitg(mf 11/1),Mally(df 8/0),Schopf(mf 6/1),Maderner(att 3/0).
Woflsberger without Kofler(gk 2/0),Micic(mf 4/1) and Ynclan(att 8/1)

Sturm - Rapid Wien
Sturm without Kaufmann(df 0/0),Todorovski(df 4/0),Holzl(mf 11/0) and Szabics(att 5/1).
Rapid Wien without Palla(df 7/0),Alar(att 0/0) and both wings SAbitzer(mf 15/1) and Burgstaller(mf 17/8 suspended)

Innsburck - Salzburg

becareful here because they often fix 1/2 and 2/1 ...
today Salzburg miss two top scorers Soriano(att 13/12) and Alan(att 17/13 top scorer). Schwegler(df 13/0),Rodnei(df 3/0),Vorsah(df 0/0) and Hierlander(mf 10/1) are also out...
Insburck miss Safar(first gk 14/0),Vucu(df 18/0),Piesinger(Mf 10/0),Kuen(mf 11/1) and Saurer(mf 0/0)

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