Friday, January 3, 2014

friday infos

Romania - Ukraine

ukraine didn't play any frendly match before this qualifications.. in this match Ukraine will be without some very important players like Zakharchuk, Molodtsova, Kozlova, Peretiatko, Marchenko and Rykhliuk.
neutral ground,match will be played in Turkey.

Lakers - Utah

lakers lost vs much weaker teams than Utah. they are in very bad form , that is because of injury crisis who hit the team in very bad timing.
Xavier Henry(SG 10,1ppg), Steve Nash(PG 6,7ppg), Steve Blake(PG 9,8ppg), Kobe Bryant(SG 13,8ppg), Jordan Farmar(PG 8,7ppg) are injured. doubtfull is Wes Johnson(SF 7,7ppg).
Utah is full.

Russia - Iceland

frendly preparation match.
Russia without Dibirov(wing) , best player.
Iceland is in bigger problems because few very important players are injured, coach still dont know which players will go on tournament in Denmark! for today out are;  Sigurdsson(back 3/25), Atlason(back 3/7), Petersson, Ingimundarsson, Gustafsson(back 6/12). doubtfull is Svavarsson.
odds for Russia's win drop a lot , i dont see value at this odds.

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