Friday, January 10, 2014


This days I have problems with my internet connection so i wasnt able to inform you very well about matches.. now everything is ok and i am back again.

Greece SuperLeague
Panathinaikos - Panionios

PAO without Triantafyllopoulos(df 16/0),Schildenfeld(df 13/0) and Zeca(mf 16/0).
Panionios in financial problems,atmosfhere in team is bad,players without salaries.. Giannakopoulos(first gk 13/0) is injured,Avlonitis(df 17/0) and Mitropoulos(mf 17/0) are suspended. Aravidis(att 17/7 top scorer) is doubtfull

OFI - Veria
OFI without Kalajdzic(mf 15/0),Makukula(att 9/2) and Koutsianikoulis(att 15/2).
Veria without Amarntidis(df 17/0),Guille(mf 1/0) and Kaltsas(mf 16/2).

Italy Serie A
Bologna - Lazio

Bologna without Sorensen(df 9/0),Mantovani(df 11/0),Rocca(mf 9/0).Perez(mf 15/0) is doubtfull. good news Diamanti is back!
Lazio without Marchetti(first gk 17/0),Radu(df 10/0),Cana(df 16/1),Konko(df 8/0)

Livorno - Parma

livorno without Lucia(gk 0/0),COda(df 14/0) and Schiattarela(mf 17/0). Siligardi(att 14/3) is doubtfull. Parma without Gallopa(mf 0/0),Pavarini(gk 0/0),Okaka(att 2/0) and Cassani(df 17/0)

Spain Primera
Bilbao - Almeria

Bilbao without Gurpegi(mf 17/0) and Albiza(df 2/0).
ALmeria without Nelson(df 12/0) and Rodri(att 14/7 top scorer)

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