Saturday, January 18, 2014

saturday frendlies

Warta Poznan - Lechia
warta is team from 3rd league, lechia team from 1st league.
lechia today play 2 frendly match one in 11:00h vs Lech Poznan (already started) and this one in 13:00h.
In match vs Lech , Lechia use strong line up; Bąk(first gk 13/0) - Oualembo(df 16/0), Janicki(df 12/1), Madera(df 20/1), Pazio(df 15/0) - Deleu(mf 19/2), Kostrzewa(mf 11/0), Zyska(mf 10/0), Wiśniewski(mf 18/3) - Tuszyński(att 16/0), Grzelczak(att 20/5)
so most probably in this match vs Warta they will use reserves and youngsters.
(i will be active this 2 hours and i will wait for Lechia's official line up for this match and than i will suggest any bets)

Brno - Jihlava
two equal teams from same league.
Brno today play two frendly matches one vs Sigma Olomuc(already started) and this one.
in match vs Sigma they started with mixed line up; Doležal(secodn gk 0/0) - Janotka(df 15/1), Pernica(df 16/0), Schuster(df 9/0), Keresteš - Glaser(mf 9/0), Zavadil(mf 14/2), Sedlák(mf 0/0), Skalák(att 11/2) - Pašek(att 11/2) - Kroupa(att 13/0).
so in match vs Jihlava they will also use mixed line up.
info about Jihlava's line up will be published 30min before the match...

Jablonec - Roudnice

jablonec play also two frendly matches today but no info about line ups.

down you can find usefull infos (missing players and absences) and some picks for today.

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