Saturday, June 1, 2013


Macedonia - last round
Vardar - Turnovo
match for title.
Vardar will have big fan support from their "Komiti" , atmosfhere on stadium will be great.
Turnovo is good team,they have excellent starting line up but reserves are shit that's the reason why they can't play on high level whole season.
Turnovo must attack from the start because they need win if they want to be champions,usually Vardar dont have problems with Turnovo on home ground but this match will be special both team will be highly motivated.

Rabotnicki - Teteks
neutral field, match will be played in Gjorce (Teteks played last 5-6 "home" matches in Gjorce).
Teteks won Cup of Macedonia and now atmosfhere in team is great,true they will relegate in 2 League but fans and players are happy because they won once again big rival shkendija and won the cup!
Season for Rabotnicki is over they can't do anything , coach will give chance to some young players (they have best school for young players in macedonian football) , serbian players are on vacation.

odds are totally wrong,if we look in players in both teams there isnt some big difference ... odds here are made by stats and place on table ..

Poland Ekstraklasa
Pogon - Polonia W 1 @1.95 - 3/10   FT 3-1 won

you all know situation in Polonia Warszawa , i wrote much about them in start of 2nd half of season,they have financial problems and they didnt get licences for Ekstraklasa so next season they will play in Liga I.
Polonia coach decide today to give a chance to reserves and youngsters (minimum 5 players from young team will get chance in starting line up.)
Polonia without Tomasza Hołoty(mf 22/1),Martina Baran(mf 12/0),Vytautas Luksa(mf 3/0),Igora Morozow(df 13/0),Miłosza Przybecki(mf 16/3),Aleksandra Todorovski(df 25/2),Jakuba Tosik(df 12/0),Pawła Wszołk(mf 27/7 top scorer) - some of them are injured,some of them left club before few days.
also they have problems with goalkeepers position, first two goalkeepers are OUT so on goal will be 17 years old M.Oczak for who this will be first match in Ekstraklasa.

Polonia line up HERE,click

Pogon isnt some great team but i think they can beat demotivated guest side.

Widzew Lodz - Podbeskidze   ft 1-2

only 1 team will relegate because polonia dont ahve licences,that is good known.
odds for away win dropped a lot,i place my bet when odds were 3.40 but now they are destroyed.
Widzew is sure on table and plays for nothing.

good fact why this should be away win is that Podbeskidze's coach C.Michniewicz is ex Widzew Lodz coach probably he have still good conections in Lodz.

Widzew Łódź:
Maciej Mielcarz - Łukasz Broź, Dino Gavrić, Hachem Abbes, Jakub Bartkowski - Marcin Kaczmarek, Krystian Nowak, Bartłomiej Grube, Emerson Carvalho, Bartłomiej Pawłowski - Mariusz Rybicki.

Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała:
Richard Zajac - Tomasz Górkiewicz, Dariusz Pietrasiak, Juraj Dancik, Błażej Telichowski - Damian Chmiel, Marcin Wodecki, Dariusz Łatka, Adam Deja (53' Sloboda), Fabian Pawela - Robert Demjan.

Podbeskidze miss only Bartlomiej Konieczny(df 14/1).
Widzew without Princewilla Okachiego(mf 26/1) and Radoslaw Bartoszewicz(mf 21/0)  . doubtful is Bartholomew Kasprzak(att 7/0)

Spain Segunda
Hercules - Murcia

around 150 000 euros placed on away win .. huge number imo

Sweden W - Turkey W

i already wrote that Turkey's women national basketball team is on two tournaments in same time,on this tournament Turkey W is with young selection - u20 players. link
sweden is host on this tournament,with strong roster and big motivation,everybody want to show good performances because all of them are fighting for place in 'starting five'

Turkey lost from Great Britan (great britain 67-60 turkey) , while Sweden destroy Great Britain (sweden 80-62 great britain).
sweden -11ah @1.79 (pinnacle)  
FT 73-38 easy won 


  1. polonia next season play 3 liga

  2. one team relegate with extraklasa

  3. hey CHE, both team play with juniors. check this

    my bet for this match is both to score