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saturday usefull infos

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Dep.Pasto - Itagui

guests with mixed line up,key players Mesa(first gk 13/0),Correa(df 15/4),Arboleda(df 16//0),Restrepo(mf 15/0),Aguirre(att 16/4) and Cortes(att 14/8) will be rested 
Itagui line up; Cadavid(third gk 0/0),Vallejo(df 7/0),Lopez(df 11/0),Mesa(df 2/0),Maturana(df 10/0); Mosquera(mf 9/0),Vasquez(mf 13/0),Mena(mf 11/1),Mosquera(mf 0/0) ; Gomez(mf 5/1) y Perez Melo(att 0/0).

Once Caldas - Patriotas
once caldas -1,25ah @1.87 (sbobet) - 6/10  
FT 2-0 won

huuge quality difference on home side. Once Caldas is better team, in better form and better atmosfhere in team. atmosfhere in away team Patriotas is terrible (i wrote about that on fb site you can check there.)

Once Caldas go with best possible line up here (best striker,first gk and all other key players are IN),while Patriotas will use youngsters because some of players refuse to play (because of situation in club),other left team,fans are protesting against the owners ...

Patriotas: Santiago Quiroz(fourht gk 0/0 ,19y); Andrés Guerrero, Andrés Balanta(df 0/0 ,19y), Nicolás Carreño(df 0/0 ,19y) y Mauricio Gómez(df 0/0 ,19y); Javier Ávila(mf 0/0,19y), Leonardo Pico(mf 2/0 ,21y), Jhonatan Cely(mf 0/0 ,17y) y Deivis Gónzález(att 0/0 ,20y); César Granados y Alirnson Martínez(att 0/0 ,18y).
DT: Juan Carlos Díaz

Spain Primera - last round
Real Madrid - Osasuna
Real with mixed team. some of key players like Casillas(gk 19/0),Diego Lopez(gk 16/0),Varane(df 15/0),Ramos(df 26/4),Pepe(df 28/1),Khedira(mf 25/3),Xabi Alonso(mf 28/0),Kaka(mf 19/3) and Ronaldo(att 34/34) will be rested / some are injured
Celta Vigo without Varas(first gk 37/0),Mallo(df 17/0),Demidov(df 12/0),Pranjic(mf 10/0),Young(att 22/3) and Bermejo(att 32/5).
Espanyol without Moreno(df 32/2),Alvarez(df 18/0) and Wakaso(mf 26/3)

Deportivo La Coruna - Real Sociedad

La Coruna without Marchena(df 22/2) .
Sociedad miss Estrada(df 19/0) and Elustondo(mf 8/1)

Sevilla - Valencia

Sevilla without Trochowski(mf 6/2) and Reyes(mf 26/4). Fazio(df 26/3) is questionable.
Valencia miss Guardado(mf 32/1) and Valdez(att 28/6)

Croatia NHL 2 - last round
#TeamMPWDLFADPLast 5 matchesH2H
2Previous rank: 32913974138+348WDLWL
3Previous rank: 52913884630+1647DWLDL
4Previous rank: 22913974130+1147DLWWW
5Previous rank: 42913794528+1746LWWWL
6Previous rank: 729136104239+345DWLWL
7Previous rank: 829127104838+1043WDWDW
8Previous rank: 1029134123842-443WWLLL
9Previous rank: 62911992927+242DLLWL
10Previous rank: 1129101094034+640DWWWW
11Previous rank: 92991193037-738LDDLW
Sibenik dont have licences for NHL 2 , if they dont get it 7 teams + Sibenik will relegate , If Sibenik get licences 7 teams + 9th placed will relegate. (if i am wrong please correct me)

Lucko - Zelina

if sibenik get licences than Lucko can relegate so today they must win this match,Zelina is sure in middle of table and have some problems with absences, Gluhak(df 25/3), Šimek(mf 22/0), Medved, Kuprešak(att 10/0) and Melnjak are OUT.

Rudes - HR.Dragovoljac

HR.Dragovoljac is 1st they won title and celebrate come back in NHL 1 but it is still not sure .. maybe there will be changes (licences and those things)
Rudes without Bodrušić, Stubičan, Belak(mf 20/3), Baltić(mf 23/1), Gudelj(att 22/11 top scorer)
away team coach said that result isnt important here,he will give chance to those who didnt play this season (youngsters) , best players are already on vacation. out are; Jajčinović(mf 24/2), Tomić, Doležal, Čović(first gk 27/0), Špehar(df 27/0), Bulat(mf 26/0), Crepulja.

Radnik - Junak

both teams already relegated
Radnik was Dinamo's project but that fall in water because of unexperienced coach Jelicic, on bench came Ante Cacic but it was late and Radnik relegate ... anyway this will be last match for Ante Cacic on Radnik's bench so he will find way to motivate his players and win this match.
Junak without Mandac, Petričić, Tadić, Mastelić, Midenjak, Vitić

Handball Croatia
Vinkovci - Split 1 @ ///  FT 30-17 won
Split came in Vinkovci with only 10 players (4 of them are juniors but that juniors are not best junior players from their category they are average players for their years, best junior players are also unavailable!!)
Split miss Bendeviš , Jerković , Kežić , Fistonić , N. Šolić , Š. Šolić , Zujić and Šindik.

this is last match for Vinkovci on home field this season and fans want win today.

Handball Qualifications
Macedonia W - Spain W 2 @1.5  
FT 21-27 won
our national team on this qualification is made by players from domestic league (most of players are from vardar and metalurg),only 2 players out from domestic league. macedonia's coach want to try something new,this roster now is pretty young.. Nikolic who was alfa and omega on this team and key gk Andreeva retired from national team.
i dont know much about spain w national team but i think that they can easy beat our "new and young" roster.

Czech Gamrbinus - last round , sparta and plzen are fighting for 1st place
Sparta Praga - Dukla Praga
Sparta without Jarosik(df 21/3),Lafata(att 12/7) and Kweuke(att 21/6) , problems in attack but they have good replacement.
Dukla miss Svatonsky(att 12/1)

Hradec - Plzen

Hradec without Dvorak(att 12/2),Strad(mf 21/0) and Uskovic(att 21/7 top scorer).
Plzen without Adamovi(att 6/1),Hejda(df 14/1) and Bakos(att 27/10 top scorer)

Brno - Slovacko

Brno without Frejlach(mf 6/2) and Sus(mf 20/0).
Slovacko full

Regionalliga Central

Villacher - Gratkorn
Villacher without Mario Ramusch(df 16/1), Martin Lassnig(df 5/0), Emre Okatan(mf 20/2), Daniel Pirker(df 13/1) and Dlospt(mf 25/0)
Gratkorn without David Lugonjic(df 5/0), Dubravko Tesevic(mf 23/8), Oliver Schöpf(df 20/0).

Feldkirchen - Kapfenberg II
both teams are full.

Wallern - SAK Klagenfurt
Wallern without Roman Hintersteiner(mf 27/0)
Klagenfurt without Marjan Kropiunik(mf 25/7)

Sturm Graz (Am) - St.Florian
Sturm is full.
St.Florian without Thomas Mitterndorfer(mf 27/0)

Allerheiliegen - Vocklamarkt
problems in guests squad, 2 top scorers and first gk are out.
Allerheiliegen is full.
Vocklamarkt without Peter Orosz(att 12/5 ,2nd scorer),Gerner Manuel(att 19/14 top scorer), Harrant Christian(first gk 28/0), Gilhofer Joachim(mf 23/0), Rohrstorfer Marcel(df 17/2)

Regionalliga West
Wals Grunau - Kufstein
W.Gruanu without Christian Feuerstein(att 5/1), Alexander Pilaj(mf 17/1) and Tobias Klein(df 17/0)
Kufstein without Daniel Steger(mf 23/0)

Hard - St.Johan
Hard without Alexander Durr(df 13/0)
St.Johann without Sahin(df 28/0) and Sreco(mf 28/3)

Seekirchen - Altach (am)
both teams are full.

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