Wednesday, June 19, 2013

03:00h Peru

Alianza Lima - Sporting Cristal
sporting +0ah @1.7 (bet365)

many of teams in Peru are good on home ground because of high altitude,but Alianza Lima dont have that advantage on home ground because they are from Lima (low altitude).

for this match Alianza have problems with absences,many injuries and suspensions.
OUT ARE: Canova(df 3/0) , Villamarin(df 13/0) , Cuba(mf 12/1) , Cueto(mf 9/1) , Beltran(mf 11/0) , Ciucci(df 9/2) and Trujillo(mf 14/0).

Sporting Cristal is strong team,especially on home ground. They are good guests also (4th best in league)

last 4 meetings when Alianza was hosts:
Alianza 1-1 Sporting Cristal
Alianza 0-0 Sporting Cristal
Alianza 3-1 Sporting Cristal
Alianza 1-1 Sporting Cristal

but now Alianza is weaker ,i think you remember last season when they have financial problems and many quality players left team.

value odds, GL


  1. Lost, I put a lot of money on this

  2. My fault. I see some good infos for weekend be here you will get money back ;)

  3. No worries buddy. We cannot always win. Thanks anyway. :D