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wednesday 19/06

Kyle Edmund - Gilles Simon;2
i love to watch this sport but i am not expert about this.

Simon is much better player,but he have problems with injuries ... after just few trainings he get cold,he have pain in back and he sprain his ankle.

Edmund is very young,he is just 18 years old.

Edmund +4,5ah games @2.02 (pinnacle)
Edmund +1,5ah sets @2.80 (pinnacle)
 small stakes on both picks because i am not expert for this sport.
- tenis experts can write something in comment if they want :)

Wohlen - Dynamo Moscow

Wohlen make their first training before just 4 days (on 15/06) -

many Wohlen's players leave club after season's end. Players who left club: Agron Mustafi(mf 20/2) , Pascal Thrier(df 11/0) , Hemza Mihoubi(mf 28/0) , MAtteus Senkal(mf 32/0) , Thomas Weller(mf 27/0) , Florin Ianu(att 25/7,2nd scorer) , Guiseppe Rapisarda(df 21/0) , Selver Hodzic(df 7/0) , brazilain Gaspar(att 29/7 ,2nd scorer) - 6 of them are first team players.
+ two other regular players Tosetti(mf 36/1) and Mveng(mf 24/1) go on loan in Young Boys

if i understand good from this link - - Wohlen have just 14 players in squad + some new faces.

Dynamo is good team,true coach will make some rotations. I was planning to bet on them but when i saw that attacking duo and key midifler are out i decide no bet.
Dynamo without Wilkshire(df 17/0),Kokorin(att 22/10),Kuranyi(att 27/10) and Noboa(mf 27/5)

Naftan - Gomel 

Naftan without Zyulev(mf 11/2).
Gomel without Zhukovsky(mf 8/2)

Shakhtyor - Dinamo Brest

Shakhtyor without Balanovich(mf 11/1),Yanyshkevich(df 11/0) and Khachaturyan(mf 12/0).
Din.Brest without Matyukhevich(att 6/0)

Neman Grodno - Belshina

Neman without Rovnejko(df 8/2).
Belshina without Klimovich(df 11/0) and Zeynalov(mf 5/0)

BATE - Slavia

BATE without Radkov(df 7/1) and key striker Mozolevski(att 4/0).
Slavia withhout Chovin(mf 8/0) and Irkha(mf 4/0)

Minsk - Dinamo Minsk

Minsk without Ostroukh(df 10/1),Mayevskiy(mf 10/0),Kulabko(mf 1/0),Pushnyakov(mf 3/0) and Voichehovski(att 1/00.
Dinamo without Kokaro(att 8/0),Obodo(mf 1/0) and Danilov(mf 10/1)

Finland Veikkausliiga
Lahti - JJK

Lahti without Henri(mf 5/0) and Lansitalo(att 11/3). Joenmaki(df 11/0) and Joronen(first gk 9/0) are doubtful.
no important missings in JJK

VPS - Honka

VPS is full
Honka miss Rexhepi(df 8/0)

Mariehamn - KuPS
Mariehamn without Lundberg(df 0/0),Okodugha9Mf 0/0) and Forsell(mf 6/3).
KuPS without nissinen(df 0/0) and voutilainen(att 8/0)

Jaro - Inter Turku

Jaro without Kujala(df 0/0), Skrabb(mf 8/2) is doubtful.
Inter without Turunen(df 6/0) and Bouwmann(mf 9/0)

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