Saturday, June 15, 2013


Kladno - Kunice 1 @1.8 (paddypower)
HT 1-0 ; FT 2-3 lost

Kladno in must win situation. They will avoid relegation only if they win today! Everything will be on their side,fans,home field,referee ...

Kunice cant do anything now,they will play with B team !! (info from local person).

They are in good relationships and I believe that Kunice will help to their friend to stay in league.


Montenegro W - Slovakia W
Slovakia without key players Jalcova, naturalize amrican Lawless and Oracov
Montenegro W @1.4   FT 77-63 pick WON

Czech - Montenegro 1 @1.3  
FT 30-25 pick WON

Montenegro suprise everybody before few days when they beat Germany (gk Mijatovic was excellent with 15 saves, Grbovic score 7/7 , Germany looks nervously) ... but this time i dont see how will they make another suprise.
in last match vs Germany Montenegro was without Roganovic,Osmajic,Markovic,Simovic and Melic ( ) now absences list is even longer,new missings are Mrvaljevic,Mijatovic and Rakcevic!!
Out are: ,Mijatovic(first gk 7/0) ,Roganovic(7m/27g),Osmajic(7m/5g),Markovic(7m/22g),Simovic(7m/6g),Melic(7m/29g),Mrvaljevic(1m/0g) and Rakcevic(7m/15g). Kapisoda(7m/1g) retired from NT (i forgot him)
in the press Kastratovic (Montenegro's coach) said; I hope Czech will show good performances on Euro. 
imo that means that Montenegro is coming on this match without real ambitions..

Czech need just a point to qualify but they want a win! Jicha tell in the press that he will play this match for sure!

no serious bet for me here because hendikep lines are too high ..


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