Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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(16:21 posted)

Cyprus - Luxembourg
Cyprus -3ah @1.95 (pinnacle) [of course now odds drop]
- you chose your stake (i sent it to subscribers like 6/10)

quality on home side and should won this match easy. Now their job will be even easier because Luxembourg miss many key players!!

Luxembourg miss 11 players! Out are: Maurnschatt(first gk 3/0),Moreira(gk 2/0) Faber(2/3), Krier, Ley(2/4), important player Sarac(3/6), Zekan(3/3),best player Muller(3/17), Hoffman(3/3), Wirtz(3/0), Zeimetz(2/0).

first match between them Luxembourg 16-17 Cyprus 
for Luxembourg  Sarac , Muller and Faber together scored 10 goals (all of them are unavailable today)

Cyprus must win this match,if they win they will be just 1 point behind first placed Sweden.

I expect an easy home win here and i will go with little higher stake.



Holland - Poland
huge quality difference on away side.
Holland squad; Dennis Schellekens(Pals Groep), Mike Tadey (Sporting Nelo), Tim Remer (Lübbecke), Jeffrey Boomhouwer (Emsdetten), Jasper Adams (Volendam), Iso Sluijters (Elverum), Toon Leenders (Essen), Patrick Miedema (Nordhorn), Wai Wong (Aalsmeer), Nick Verjans (Nordhorn), Bobby Schagen (Nordhorn), Arjan Haenen (Lemgo), Jasper Snijders (Volendam), Matthijs Vink (Volendam), Nick de Kuijper (Eurotech), Luuk Hoiting (LIONS). Leon van Schie (Pals Groep/E en O), Dario Polman (Swift), Leon Geus (Volendam), Martijn Meijer (LIONS)

Poland miss brothers Lijewski,Jaszka and Jurecki

Ukraine - Sweden

Ukraine without some important players like Sergey Onufrienko, Nikolay Stetsura, Alexandr Shevelev, Sergey Burka y Artem Vishnevsky. link source
Sweden is much better team but today they will be without Kim Andersson,Mathias Andersson,Doder and Ekberg

Switzerland - Macedonia
first about our national team. Situation now is little better , new coach some of players are back from injuries,atmosfhere is good.
Borko Ristovski(first gk) join to Macedonian team before 2 days, Mojsovski is training 4 days with maximum capacity but he is still doubtful same as Filip Mirkulovski who have little injury.

Switzerland miss 4 players, goalkeeper Merc, Schelber , Raemy and important Hess

Macedonia in must win situation,we will have a lot of fans because in Switzerland are living many Macedonians.

Montenegro - Germany 2 @1.6 

germany -1,5ah @1.75
(tipico) or germany -2,5ah @1.9 (pinnacle)huuge quality diference on away side.

Montenegro have lot of important missings for this match. Roganovic(7m/27g) and Osmajic(7m/5g) stay in Qatar because they play final match. Markovic(7m/22g) is NOT in team because of conflict with coach,Simovic(7m/6g) is injured, while important Melic(7m/29g) dont want to play.

like i said quality is on away side,even in normal cases Germany is better So now logical bet is germany.

Greece Play Off
Olympiakos Volou - Iraklis

O.Volos without Palaeologos(df 33/2),Karras(df 19/0),Kostoulas(df 20/1).
Iraklis without Tserkezos(df 16/0),Chionidis(mf 18/3),Paligiorgos(mf 30/0) and Tai(att 17/4)

Brazil Serie A
Santos - Atletico Mineiro

Santos without Jubal(df 0/0),Montillo(mf 3/1),Anderson(mf 3/0) and Andrade(att 0/0). star striker Neymar left club.
Atl.Mineiro without Silva(df 4/0),Rever(df 1/0),Bernard(mf 1/0),Jo(att 2/0) and Diego Tardelli(att 3/1)

Gremio - Sao Paulo

Gremio without Matheus(gk 0/0),Saimon(df 0/0),Tony(df 0/0),Deretti(mf 0/0),Fernardo(mf 1/0) and Mamute(att 0/0).
Sao Paulo without Carleto(df 3/1),Toloi(df 0/0),Farias(df 0/0),Negueba(att 0/0),Fabricio(mf 0/0),Jadson(mf 1/1) and Schmidt(mf 0/0)

Portuguesa - Fluminense

POrtuguesa without Lauro(gk 0/0),Moura(df 0/0),Muralha(mf 0/0),Heverton(mf 0/0),Fernaninando(mf 3/0) and Viana(att 0/0) - [ Viana,Heverton,Muralha and Moura are first team players but they are injured from start of season!]
Flu without Flu without Diego Cavalieri(gk 0/0),Deco(mf 0/0),Felipe(mf 3/0),Jean(mf 0/0),Fred(att 0/0),Marcos Junior(att 0/0),Michael(att 0/0),Rhayner(att 4/0),Neves(mf 2/0),Valencia(mf 0/0),Silva(df 3/0) [only Deco,gk Diego,Fred,Jean,Neves and Rhayner and Felipe are important players]


  1. Znaš li možda da li će Lazarov igrati večeras?

  2. Yes (Kire) Lazarov will play,there is no reason why he will be out.

  3. Luckily that Cyprus-Luxembourg was free pick because it would be useless waste of money for people who believe you (Cyprus disastrous lost 22-36). Che, I think that it's sometimes better to take a brake rather than published such awful picks because lots of people admire your work here...

  4. yes...an awful pick...such a waste of money...i didn´t bet, luckly but i was tempted as the odds were 1.5

    P.s: You lost germany...and...wasn´t germany 200% better than the other team? -.-