Friday, June 14, 2013

14/06 missing players,usefull infos

Canada - South Korea

canada @1.35 (expekt)
canada -1,5ah sets @1.66 (dafabet)
Canada little better than S.Korea.. South Korea came yesterday there and made just 2 trainings.
both teams still have chance for 1st place..
why i go with home win here? because South Korea is without key players!! key player Sung Min Moon have some injury and he is doubtful!  Hak Min Kim , Gang Joo Lee and Sang Ha Park are OUT, Yo Han Kim is injured and cant play.
4 players unavailable + 1 doubtful . Canada dont have problems and should won this

Belaraus - Turkey

Belaraus with strongest squad! They came in Rovinj in monday,they have enough time to prepare good for this match.
Turkey will use many reserves and youngsters (coach called 5 juniors!) because they have many players unavailable. out are: Burutay Subasi, Emre Batur, Ulas Kiyak, Serhat Coskun, Resul Tekeli and few others,also from before unavailable are; Arlsan Ekis and Huseyin Koc
I dont know about about quality of Belaraus national team but i will try
Belaraus -1,5ah sets @1.65 or Belaraus -8,5ah points @1.85

Argentina B

Crucero del Norte - Olimpo Bahia
Olimpo Bahia before 2 days played frendly/cup match vs Talleres (on away ground) ..
Olimpo's coach said that he will use same line up as in last match (draw vs Douglas Haig)
that means starting line up will be: Champagne(first gk 37/0); A. Martínez(df 33/0), Furios(df 35/0), Moiraghi(df 32/0), Villanueva(df 31/1); M. Vega(mf 30/3), Musto(mf 34/2), Gil(mf 34/5), Soto(mf 24/2) ; Benítez(att 25/4) y Sánchez Sotelo(att 33/8).

Olimpo Bahia without their fans on this match!! link

Defensa y Justica - Banfield
Banfield squad: Caffa(second gk 6/0), Alcayaga(fourth gk 0/0), Noguera(df 26/6), Zamponi(df 14/0), Bettini(df 8/0), Toledo(df 19/0), Reta(df 1/0), Zarif(mf 24/0), Leiva(mf 27/0), J.E. García(att 2/0), Yeri(mf 15/3), Barbaro(mf 8/0), Requena(mf 3/0), Costas, Cecchini(mf 0/0), Molina(att 3/1), Terzaghi(att 1/0), Chávez(att 34/13) y Chetti(att 9/1).

Ferro CO - Nueva Chicago

Ferro squad:
 Jorge Carranza(first gk 36/0), Carlos De Giorgi(second gk 0/0), Cristian Chimino(df 8/2), Marcelo Berza(df 23/1), Pablo De Miranda, Luciano Insúa, Héctor Desvaux, Israel Coll, Matías Carabajal, Juan Larrea, Marcos Acuña, Julio Illanes, Joel Zalazar, Franco Dolci, Javier Correa, Osvaldo Miranda, Facundo Vera y Juan Castro. all key players are IN squad.
Nueva line up: 
Federico Lanzillota(third gk 2/0),Juan Barreña(df 18/0), Julio Moreyra(df 18/0) y Nicolás Sainz(df 22/1), Javier Rossi, Agustín Farias, Franco Benitez, Adrián Scifo,David Barbona, Diego Auzqui y Raúl Becerra(att 29/9).
Monllor(first kg 31/0),Banegas(df 25/2),Lago(df 21/2),Serrano(mf 24/5) will be rested, Gomez(mf 33/9 best player,top scorer) didnt train with team so probably wont play.

Shamrock - Limerick
Shamrock without Elebert(df 4/0) and Quigley(att 6/1). Murphy(first gk 14/0) and McGuinness(df 8/0) are doubtful.
Limerick without Rainsford(att 8/2). doubtful are: Kelly(df 13/1),Purcell(ddf 2/0),Curran(att 13/2) and McGann(mf 3/0)

Bohemians - Shelbourne

Bohemians without Hannaphy(mf 4/0).
Shelbourne without Cornwall(df 10/0) and Crowley(mf 9/0).

Bray - Derry

Bray without Neil(att 8/0) and Huland(att 10/0).
Derry without McCaffrey(df 7/0) and Crawley(att 10/1)

Cork City - Drogheda

Cork without Healy(mf 15/1),Lenihan(mf 0/0),Murray(df 5/0) and Behan(att 12/2).
Drogheda is full

First Division
Athlone - Longford

Athlone is full.
Longford without McDonagh(df 12/1) and James(mf 2/0). Havery(df 9/1) is questionable

Wexford - Mervue

Wexford without Mulcahu(mf 10/2) and Elmes(att 0/0).
Mervue is full

Orebro - Orgryte

Orebro without Crespo(att 9/5 top scorer) and Sandqvist(gk 0/0).
Orgryte without Azyulay(df 10/0),Hall(df 3/0),Hollander(mf 5/0),Nilsson(mf 0/0),Ohlsson(att 9/0) and Lindstrom(mf 8/1)

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  1. Hmm on which team can I bet guys? And what's up with the Ghana and Ivory coast friendly match? Didn't they play together two days ago?