Tuesday, February 12, 2013

copa libertadores

vip pick sent ,away team with juniors and reserves,value on home side. subscribers check your inbox.

14/01 Copa Libertadores
Garcilaso - Independiente Santa Fe
Santa Fe +0ah @2.23 (sbobet;pinnacle;188bet)

imo quality is on away side.

usually Garcilaso have home field advantage because they are from Cusco(around 3500 metres altitude),but Independiente Santa Fe is also on "high" ,they are from Bogota(around 2300 metres altitude).

true Garcilaso start season very good with an big home victory (4-0 vs Huancayo) but they arent so strong like last season.

almost all key players from last season left team
players who leave Garcilaso: Juan Goyoneche(first gk 27/0),key defender Alocco(df 43/3),Jorge Reyes(df 22/0),key defender Eduardo Uribe(df 44/3), key defender Emiliano Ciucci(df 27/4),Carlos Flores(mf 19/0),Edson Uribe(mf 39/0),Chavez(mf 28/0),best player Andy Pando(att 42/27 top scorer) and important striker Ramon Rodriguez(att 42/10 ,2nd scorer)

Independiente Santa Fe is team from Colombia,solid team. I check the squads and Santa Fe have definitly better players.
Santa Fe didnt change their team from last season,some players left team Cardoan(mf 34/4),Copete(att 23/7) and Cabrera(att 33/10) were important from those players who leave team... This season Santa Fe is much stronger because they bring few very quality players like Valenca(mf 33/6 from Juan Aurich),Lalinde(att 36/10 from America de Cali),amazing striker Medina(att 17/14),Garcia(df 32/0 from Pasto) and Valdes(df 33/2 from Philadelphia) + few others not so important.

Independiente Santa Fe squad: Arqueros(gk): Camilo Vargas (12) y Ramiro Sánchez (28). Defensas(df): Germán Centurión (2), Carlos Valdés (3), Juan Daniel Roa (17), Francisco Meza (21) y Humberto Mendoza (27). Volantes(mf): Yulián Anchico (5), Luis Carlos Arias (7), Emanuel Molina (8), Omar Pérez (10, John Valencia (14), Daniel Torres (16) y Gerardo Bedoya (20). Delanteros(att): Wilder Medina (11), Cristian Martínez Borja (19), Jéfferson Cuero (23) y Fernando Cárdenas (30).

no rotations,no resting players - all key players are in team.

value odds for me,GL

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