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22/02 Croatia NHL
NK Zagreb - Zadar 1 @1.8   FT 2-1 pick WON,cooperation continue

whole world know about this 3for3 match,every season this became public bet but it isnt important they do their job and fix matches however they want.

this season 3 matches will be played.

first match won Zadar 4-0 ,red card for away team (in that moment Zadar need points and Zagreb help them)

second match (this one, Zagreb is in bad situation and they need points to escape from last place,so i think Zadar will help them)
third match (probably will be draw and finish season with 4for4).

both teams have same ambitions. to stay in league!


Zagreb have one of most suspecious boss in Croatia,that is Drazen Medic ,he is in good relationships with Dinamo Zagreb's boss Zdravko Mamic who control almost everything in Croatian football.

Zadar change their boss before two/three season but cooperation continue.

h2h is very good/

suspecious matches
Zadar 4-0 NK Zagreb
, 30min Zadar score from penalty kick,37min Zagreb get red card and Zadar finish job easy
NK Zagreb 2-0 Zadar
, 5min 1-0 ,8min 2-0 from penalty kick.
Zadar 1-0 NK Zagreb ,43min Zadar score from penalty kick.
NK Zagreb 1-0 Zadar ,49min red card for Zadar,51min Zagreb score from penalty kick

this match can also finish with draw but in that case Zagreb chances to stay in league will be lower .. they must win this match.

22/02 Poland Ekstraklasa
Polonia Warszawa - Lechia Gdansk
pick: Lechia +0ah @2.2 (bet365) or DNB 2 @2.52 (marathonbet) ; 2.35 (bwin)  
FT 1-1 (unlucky goal in 88min ..) pick VOID!

Polonia have financial problems. true they are 3rd on table but they arent so strong like first part of season anymore! reason is clear,because of financial problems many key players left team.
players who left team: Edgar Cani(att 5/0 in Catania),best defender Tamasz Brzyski(df 14/3 in Legia),Marcin Baszczynski(df 12/0 in Ruch),Isisdoro(df 4/0 in Numancia),Baruchyan(df 1/0 in Hapoel Beer),Teodorczyk(att 13/6 ,2nd scorer in Lech) and  Vladimer Dvalishvili(att 15/7 top scorer in Legia)

for this match Dieme(mf 6/0) is injured,while Olczak(mf 1/0),Kielb(mf 1/1) and Injac(mf 7/0)

Lechia is solid team ,on 6th place (5 points less than 3rd placed Polonia).. Lechia won 16 of their total 23 points on away ground,tipical away team.

in january this two teams play frendly match and Lechia destroy Polonia 4-0  (in that match lechia play with mixed team,polonia with reserves.

i think that now Polonia dont have anymore ambitions for top 3 places because 4 key players lef team also players are demotivated and dont want to play because they are without salaries long time ...

value odds,i expect big dropping.


few other early bets with very good informations which i gave before few months/weeks

22/02 Gaz Metan - Gloria Bistrita 1 @1.7   FT 3-1 pick WON !!
now odds blocked almost everywhere.

03/03 Dnipro - Arsenal Kyev ,Dnipro -1eh @1.6,Dnipro___Arsenal_Kyev,46747.html
odds now 1.35 ...

Boulougne - Frejus

both teams have same target,to avoid relegation.
first match Frejus 1-2 Boulougne (ht 1-0 ; ft 1-2 -suspecious)
Boulougne without Bouaka(att 1/0),Vardin(df 14/0) and Vandeannabeele(df 8/0).
Frejus have little problems with absences,for this match unavailable are: Ringayen(df 20/0),Keita(mf 13/2),Ramos(mf 13/2),Ba(att 8/1) and Balde(att 11/4 ,2nd scorer). Delvigne have little injury but probably he will be ready for this match.

Croatia Basket
Zabok - Sibenik 2 @2.1 won won green green!
Zabok for this match have two regular players questionable, Vlaic(PF 9,6ppg ,3rd scorer) and best player Lez(C 17,2ppg) didnt train whole week and they are doubtful for this match.

Hockey Belaraus
Gomel - Zhlobin

currently two best teams in Belaraus Hockey.
Zhlobin is champion from last season,they have best team in league and they have secured 1st place and play off.
Gomel is on 2nd place, secured also and dont have worries for results in next few matches,coach make rotations and rest some players. for this match Shabanov(first gk) will be rested,probably will be rested: Senkevich(fw 47/17), Maslenikov(df 40/7), Alexa Skabelke,(fw 32/10) Tribunkov(df 35/10) and Worta

Holland Eerste Divisie

(probably most of you know that here is little crazy system for promotion. For those who dont know i recomend you to read this ) currently is playing 3rd period.
here u can check standing for this period: url >
like u can see Helmond and Graafschap are in battle for 1st place 

G.A Eagles - Helmond 

Eagles miss only Mulkes(df 0/0)
Helmond without Bulters(gk 0/0),Verbene(df 0/0),Veerman(att 0/0) and David(att 5/0) - not important palyers.

De Graafschap - Veendam

De Graafschap without Drost(df 3/0),Kouwen(df 16/1),Tarfi(mf 5/2),Massop(df 16/1),Calvete(mf 15/1) and Hassnanoui(att 19/5)
Veendam without Menting(mf 12/0),Loohuis(mf 9/0),Elsas(att 1/0) and Katschner(att 1/0).

Cambuur - Den Bosch

Cambuur without Heide(mf 8/3) and Broekhof(Df 6/0).
Den Bosch without Appels(gk 7/0),Willems(mf 0/0),Kilic(mf 0/0),Scholten(mf 1/0),Bakx(mf 2/0),Pennings(mf 1/0) and Vogel(att 2/0).

Sittard - Oss

Sittard without Ricksen(df 7/0) and Boer(mf 15/1)
Oss without Koopmans(first gk 16/0),Muyen(df 2/0),Braam(mf 4/0),Deenen(att 5/0) and Latupeirissa(att 16/4).

Excelsior - Dordecht

Excelsior without Smith(df 0/0),Nuytinck(mf 0/0),key defender van Diermen(df 19/0 suspended),Haan(att 0/0),Janga(att 18/2) and Manu(att 14/7 top scorer,suspended).
Dordecht without Hahn(first gk 20/0),Post(mf 19/1),Vlasbolm(mf 5/0) and Molhoek(mf 9/0).

Eindhoven - Telstar

Eindhoven without Durwael(df 5/0),Zweegers(df 7/0),Kerhof(df 4/0),Krujissen(att 2/0),Dadda(att 9/5),Bourdouxhe(att 11/3),Makiavala(att 0/0) and Vermeer(mf 6/0).  good news Koc(att 19/9 top scorer) is back after suspension
Telstar without Zuiverloom(df 1/0) and Rijnik(df 9/0).

Bundesliga 2
St.Pauli - Frankfurt

St.Pauli have lot of absences for tis match,they are without long term injured Gonther(df 0/0),new missings are Schiendler(mf 10/0),Mohr(df 16/2 suspended),Boll(mf 10/2),Bartels(mf 18/4,2nd scorer) and Thorandt(df 21/0 suspended)
Frankfurt without Gledson(df 4/0),Teixeira(df 21/1 suspended),Gaus(mf 2/0 suspended),Tosunglu(att 0/0),Lamidi(att 1/0) and Kapllani(att 18/7 top scorer).

Bochum - Duisburg

Bochum without Fabian(df 0/0),Freier(mf 13/1),Gunduz(att 0/0),Dabrowski(mf 8/2),Ortega(mf 8/0),Aydin(att 5/3),DEdic(att 20/4) and Tasaka(mf 18/2).
Duisburg without Bolman(df 0/0),Sukalo(mf 19/2) and Jovanovic(att 18/2).

Aue - Aalen

Aue without Rau(df 8/0),Gercaliu(df 8/0),Paulus(df 16/2),Miatke(mf 0/0),Savran(att 12/1) and Kern(att 0/0).
Aalen without important midifler Dautsch(mf 18/6).

Czech Gambrinus
Jihlava - Hradec Karlove
under 2,5 goals @1.7
-5*C ,weather in czech is bad,it is snowing,bad field,poor conditions.
Jihlava without Kopic(df 0/0),Kucera(mf 13/1),Masopust(mf 16/0),Sedlacek(att 14/0) and Mesanovic(att 11/0).
Karlove without Podebradsky(df 16/0),Holes(df 16/1),attacking duo Dvorak(att 12/2) and Uskovic(att 14/6 top scorer).
last 7 of their matches and with two or less goals.
bad field  + cold weather + snow + Karlove miss attacking duo + Jihlava left best striker Tecl(att 11/10 top scorer) = low scoring game ?


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