Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Copa MX
Toros Neza - Club America
Club America is sure on 1st place in their group so coach decide to make some rotations in team today.
Club America: Hugo González, 13. Diego Reyes, 93. Jonathan Sánchez, 6. Juan Carlos Valenzuela, 4. Efraín Juárez, 29. A. Ademar, 26. Juan Carlos Medina, 18. Christian Bermúdez, 14. Rubens Sambueza, 7. Narciso Mina y 17. Antonio López.

key players Jimenez(att 24/9 ,2nd scorer),Benitez(att 28/16 top scorer),Medina(mf 27/2),Molina(mf 26/3),Munoz(first gk 15/0),Aguilar(df 27/2),Aldrete(df 23/0) will be rested!

27/02 Serbia
Radnicki 1923 - Rad dnb1 @2.00 in bet365 

Radnicki is in relegation zone and they desperate need points to escape from that bad position,they are tipical home team because they get 8 of their total 12 points on home ground. they dont have important leavings in this transfer period.
Radnicki bring Slavko Maric(df 13/0 from Sloboda),Bojan Beljic(mf 14/1 from Sloboda),Dragan Milovanovic(att 15/2 from Javor) and Marko Miric(mf 2/0 from Crvena Zvezda,on loan) ..

Rad Beograd isnt good on away ground. They won just 8 points on away ground (from total 25pts),that show us that they dont play good on away ground. + key players left team in winter transfer period

players who left team: best midifler Predrag Luka(mf 15/4), best striker Kojic(att 15/5), important midifler Ljubinkovic(mf 8/0),Danilovic(gk 5/0),Branislav Jovanovic(mf 6/0),Causic(mf 15/2),Mrkela(mf 11/0),Mitrovic(df 14/1) and Nenad Lukic.

imo Radnicki on home ground in front of their fans have good chances to win this match
value bet for me.

odds will drop for sure.

or 1 @3.00 (titanbet)


i hope with this bet we will back our money from yesterday where we dont have luck

Sutjska - Grbalj x2 ft 1-0 ,red card for away team and sutjeska won :(
Paphos - Apollon ,apollon -1eh ft 0-1 ,apollo n control the match,have possesion (35% - 65%) ,shoots on goal 4 - 20 , 1 - 12 ,but in goals just 0-1 ... unbelivible.

few usefull infos for today (27/02)

Coppa Italia Lega Pro
Latina - Lecce  , Latina +0,5ah @1.86 (188bet) or 1X @1.85 (bwin)

this is cup match.
Lecce is currently best team in Lega Pro C1/A ,while Latina is best team in Lega Pro C1/B ,so here we have two teams with same quality ...
but Lecce today will be much weaker than usual because many players are unavailable or will be rested for this match.. so Lecce with mixed team!
Injured/rested/suspended are: Petrachi(second gk 1/0),Ambrosio(df 3/0),Di Maio(df 16/0),Esposito(df 19/1), best midifler Bogliciano(mf 18/7,2nd scorer),best striker Foti(att 13/8 top scorer),Chirico(att 20/3),Chevanton(att 8/2),Pia(mf 17/2),Memushaj(mf 20/3) and Goacomazzi(mf 15/4).
here u can chekc Lecce's squad http://www.uslecce.it/news/273113583110

Latina will miss just injured Giallombardo(df 3/0),coach said that they will rotate team but i dont know how much ... http://www.uslatinacalcio.it/notizie/988/domani-l-andata-di-coppa-italia
i see value at this bet ,Latina on home ground,they will have fan support,Lecce without all key players,many juniors will get chance ,i think Latina can do something here.

Greece CUP
Veria - Panthrakikos

Veria have big problems in league,they are near to relegation zone so for them this cup is not imporntat, league is priority for them!!
so coach decide to rest some key players in this match. if i understood good Lopez(first gk 20/0),Kali(df 17/0),Sznaucer(df 11/0),Orestes(df 19/1),Kalogeris(mf 22/0) and Bargan(att 22/2) will be rested for this match (are not in squad.) http://www.veriafc.gr/index.php/2012-10-10-16-37-41/292-i-apostoli-gia-tin-anametrisi-me-panthrakiko-gia-to-kypello
Panthrakikos also have problems in league they are just 5 points over the relegation zone. but key players are IN squad for this match.
dnb2 ,odds 2.3 (wiliam hil)

Turkey CUP
Fenerbahce - Trabzon 1461 ,
trabzon +2ah

Fenerbahce with mixed team for this match,they have secured 1st place and they dont need to risk any injuries and suspensions in this match because they have 2 important matches in next days vs Besiktas and vs Plzen in Europe League.
Fenerbahce probably line up: Serkan Orhan(third gk 0/0), Bekir(df 18/1), Serdar(df 4/0), Hasan Ali(df 19/1), Krasic(mf 10/0), Selcuk(mf 10/1), Salih(mf 5/0), Caner(mf 20/0), Beykan(att 0/0) and Semih(att 13/1)
Trabzon 1461 is young team with lot of talents. They are 2nd Trabzonspor's team,they have high ambitions 1 Liga (2nd best turkish league) but even if they are on some of promotion places they can not promote because of the rules. They will be highly motivated to win this match but that is "mission impossible" for them

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